10 Ways Summer Camp is Better as an Adult

All the fun of camp without the rules & bunks


  • 05.11.2017
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10 Ways Summer Camp is Better as an Adult

Summer Camp. What comes to mind when you hear those two words?  Perhaps it’s Camp Anawanna or Wet Hot American Summer… maybe it’s your first kiss… Or you might conjure up images from your childhood of forced getaways that your parents promised would result in epic amounts of fun when that wasn’t always the reality. Either way, we can guarantee that summer camp as an adult will provide you with an experience like no other, and here are 10 reasons why:

Rainow Hot Air Balloon on Grass Next to Lake in Mountains on a Sunny Day at Summer Camp Men and Women in Bathing Suits on Lake in Mountains with green Trees Surrounding Them on Boats and Inflatable Slide and Lake Toys

1. Cheers!
That missing ingredient from childhood camp days is freely available as an adult. Yes, we’re talking about alcohol. Most of us can admit that socializing and kicking off group activities is just a little bit more relaxed when liquid courage is infused into the equation.

2. No Counselors
Sneaking around? That’s an art of the past! When you attend adult summer camp, YOU make the rules. Join in on the scheduled activities or do your own thing--you are in control of your stay... do what you want. No one ever let you do THAT when you were a kid!

3. No Curfews
Remember mandatory reading in your bunk and then a camp-wide “lights out” policy? Roam the grounds freely as late --or as early-- as your heart desires. Stay up for a midnight bonfire and sit by the lake til the sun comes up, or catch some z’s and get up early for a hike or sunrise kayak.

4. No Bunk Beds
While some may consider this a con, you can actually look forward to enjoying the luxury and comfort of a rustic cabin. Think: air conditioning, private bathrooms, and even housekeeping.

5. Choose Your Own Roommate
Nix the room assignments. Choose your roommates and ensure that you attend summer camp with all your best (and most fun!) friends. And know that we’ve got dozens of other amazing young professionals filling up the cabins to ensure you have the best weekend ever.

6. Choose Your Own Activities
If you’re haunted by memories of forced bracelet making and archery, this is your do-over. At adult summer camp, there’s a plethora of adventures for thrill seekers, athletic activities for sports buffs, and parties for, well, partiers! Water-skiing, kayaking, rock climbing, keg softball, volleyball, wine tasting, midnight bonfires, theme parties… whether you’re looking for an adventure or a chance to kick back and relax, there’s plenty to choose from.

7. The Gourmet Food
Close your eyes and remember those “pastoral” meals from your childhood days. Now forget what you saw, because adult summer camp is all about the food. From breakfast buffets and BBQs to cooking classes and group dinners with wine, adult summer camp caters to your grown-up taste-buds with delicious cuisine prepared by private chefs.

8. The Parties
Forget a smuggled stash of chocolate bars; adult summer camps are made to party. Eat, drink and dance! Enjoy lakeside happy hours with frozen margs and live music… Serenade everyone with your go-to karaoke song in the beer garden… Remind people why no one liked playing beer pong or flip cup against you in college. Or grab a brew, head to the campfire and chill to some mellow six-string tunes under the stars.

9. Network
The adult in you may want to use this as an opportunity to make connections that can help you further your goals in life. Or, you might just want to meet new people to make good, old-fashioned new friends.

10. Relive the Good Old Days
Relive the Good Old Days!  Adult summer camp is awesome not just because it’s different from kids’ summer camp… but also because in many ways, it’s just the same. Sometimes we all just need a little adventure & rejuvenation to remind us that life doesn’t have to be serious 24/7, and that there’s always time to revive the kid in you.

The Good News - This can be a Your Reality This Summer!

BSSC is offering four Club Getaway opportunities lakeside in the Berkshires: Memorial Day Weekend, July 4th Weekend, Young Pros Weekend in July, and Labor Day Weekend. What are you waiting for?  For more info on your next summer getaway, call us at 617.789.4070.

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