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  • 04.25.2018
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5 of the Most Popular Social Sports among Today’s Young Adults

If heading to the bar or pub after work has started to feel routine, and if you’d much rather do something with friends than spend an hour at the gym a few times a week, you’re in luck. More young adults than ever before are discovering the life-changing benefits of social sports. Not only can they make new friends and enjoy themselves, but they can also get in some exercise at the same time! Here are five of the most popular social sports among young adults today. 

BSSC Coed Kickball League Woman in Green Tee Shirt Jersey Pitches Yellow Kickball from Pitcher's Mound on Kickball Field in Boston, MA BSSC Dodgeball League Man in Yellow Tee Shirt Jersey Jeers at Opposing Players BSSC Coed Outdoor Soccer League Four Players Reaching For Soccer Ball in Battle in Front of Goal

Believe it or not, kickball is no longer just for elementary school kids! Adults all across the country gather almost every day of the week in teams to see who can score the most points. Adult kickball is one of the most popular social sports out there because it provides anyone and everyone with the opportunity to get involved. You don’t need any special knowledge of sports, and you don’t even need special equipment. It truly is perfect for anyone who can kick a ball and make his or her way around the bases.

Outdoor Football
Football is one of those sports that many people watch every week, but very few people actually participate in due to their friends’ lack of interest or the fear of injury. Sports clubs across the nation are beginning to see the value in offering outdoor football leagues, and the vast majority of these involve flag football, which offers all the same excitement without the same fear of injury. You can find men’s leagues and coed leagues, so whatever your interest or skill level, there’s a team out there for you.

Outdoor Softball
Softball has always been rather popular, especially among girls and young ladies. Much like outdoor football, though, people have begun to see the value in building teams comprised of men and women alike, forming local leagues, and making it a competitive, healthy hobby. Most outdoor softball leagues offer slow-pitch games, and when you join a league hosted by a sports club, most are also umpired to settle disputes and keep things fair.

Dodgeball is another one of those gymnasium games you likely played in PE as a child, but in the last couple of decades, it has truly made a resurgence, thanks to adults’ interest in playing. Many cities across the country are home to adult dodgeball leagues, and some have hundreds of teams you can join. Much like kickball, dodgeball is anyone’s game because it requires no real strength or physical prowess – only the ability to be aware of your surroundings. It’s also a lot of fun, and people often bond fairly quickly with others on their teams. 

Outdoor Soccer
Soccer is one of the few sports that people around the world love, and that is evident in the number of countries that compete for the World Cup. If you’re a fan of soccer and you’ve always wanted to play, but sports weren’t your thing in high school, adult outdoor soccer leagues give you another opportunity to learn how to maneuver and control a ball and score goals against opposing teams. 

Social sports are continuing to grow in popularity all across the country, and for the young professionals who participate in them, they can be life-changing. Though kickball, football, softball, dodgeball, and soccer are the most popular options, many other sports certainly do exist, so choose the one that best suits you and have fun.
If you’re interested in any of these or other social sports, check out the various options along with schedules, and sign up today!

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