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  • 05.01.2019
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5 Reasons why Boston-Area Professionals Choose Sports for Leisure and Fun

If you take the time to think about hobbies, a few things are likely to come to mind. For some, leisure is all about curling up with a good book and a cup of exotic tea; for others, it may be about collecting something, whether that something is stamps, baseball cards, or even shot glasses. These days, though, more and more active professionals choose Recreation Sports Leagues as a hobby. Below are five great reasons why you might want to do the same.

BSSC Sports Outdoor Coed Softball League in Boston, MA a female player in orange sunglasses and a blue jersey with the sleeves rolled up winds up to throw softball to teammate BSSC Sports Adult Kickball Coed League in Boston Male Player kicks the kickball as players on deck watch BSSC Sports Coed Adult Basketball League Male Players jump for a jump ball while teammates focus in background

#1 – You Can Combine Workouts & Fun
Young professionals lead incredibly busy lives. They go to work in demanding jobs every day, and many of them also find time to take college courses in order to better their careers. These individuals choose sports as it allows them to socialize and get in a good workout at the same time. According to a poll published by the Harvard Gazette, the health benefits associated with sports are many, but participation drops off significantly after the mid-twenties. Despite daily commitments, as young adults age, they are making an effort to combat time constraints and injuries in order to reap the benefits of getting out on the sports field.

#2 – You Can Make New Friends
The same people who play sports for leisure often find themselves unable to spend much time with friends and colleagues due to the demands put on them by work and school. Over time, as they continue to play sports with groups of like-minded people, they build amazing friendships – often with people who work in similar industries. Not only do they make friends, but they also get to make some important professional acquaintances that can benefit them for a lifetime.

#3 – You Enjoy the Competitive Spirit
While it’s true that social sports leagues are not quite as competitive as MLB or NFL sports, there is that air of competition, and that’s what draws many people to social sports like softball and soccer in the spring and summer. Being able to practice, hone your skills, and then test those skills with your teammates against another group of players will likely bring out your competitive side. The camaraderie and adrenaline rush of competing makes victory even sweeter.

#4 – You Build Self-Confidence
Plenty of hobbies and activities are fun, whether you prefer collecting stamps or skydiving. However, there’s nothing quite like sports to help you build your self-confidence. Working out will help you feel better about yourself, and when your hard work pays off by allowing you to help lead your team to victory, there’s no better feeling in the world. The self-confidence built while playing sports spills over into other areas of your life, as well, including at home and at work.

#5 – Sports are Just Fun
Everyone likes to have fun, and with so many young professionals overworked these days, it seems that there just isn’t much time to socialize and have a good time. Sports provide an awesome alternative to spending every weekend hanging out in a club or watching TV at home. With thousands of young professionals enrolled in Boston Ski and Sports Club’s social sports leagues each year alone, it’s easy to see how things like softball and soccer can be so popular.
Boston-area young professionals are on their way to becoming the next innovators and world leaders, but because of the strain of a stressful schedule, time is a commodity many simply do not have. These individuals often turn to sports as an easy way to de-stress and stay fit because it’s fun, it builds confidence, and it provides an awesome workout and the opportunity to meet new friends.

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