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  • 04.11.2018
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5 Reasons Why Social Sports Can Help Grow Your Professional Networks

Whether you’re a real estate agent, a lawyer, or a freelance website developer, part of cementing your success involves growing your professional network. After all, the more people you know, the more you can put your name out there, and the better you can solidify your reputation in your industry. Of all the ways to grow your network, social sports are some of the most entertaining. Here are five reasons why you can use social sports to your professional advantage.

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#1 – You Will Play with Other Professionals
The first and most obvious reason why social sports can help you grow professional networks has to do with the fact that you will play with and against other professionals. Oftentimes, these individuals have such busy schedules that it is simply easier for them to join a group like BSSC and follow along a predetermined schedule for sporting events. Thanks to this, you can rest assured that many of your teammates and opponents will either work in your same industry or in a similar industry.

#2 – You Can Build Lasting Friendships
Of course, social sports should never be about putting your name out there. You should view this as a happy side effect of building positive and lasting friendships with others. Because social sports are typically divided into distinct communities to make travel easier, the people you meet will likely live nearby. This sets the stage for relationships involving barbeques and group vacations, all of which can help you form important bonds with others. As you develop friendships with other professionals, you will grow your network substantially.

#3 – Teamwork
Though there will always be competition when it comes to social sports, most people participate for something entirely different. They participate for the camaraderie and teamwork these sports provide. Often, participants are young professionals who want to escape the daily grind and do what they love to do most – play their favorite sports. Learning how to work together to achieve a goal through teamwork will bode well for your professional life, too.

#4 – Others Want to Network, Too
People join social sports clubs because they want to play sports, but like you, they also want to meet new people and get their names out into the open. This means that you will likely meet many other people who are very interested in what you do because they want you to be interested in their industries, too. For example, if you are an aspiring architect, you may find that real estate agents and construction moguls are eager to learn more about where you went to school and what sorts of projects you have completed since.

#5 – Social Sports are Fun
All too often, professionals get so wrapped up in growing their careers and marketing their services that they forget to kick back and have fun. Everyone needs a hobby, and everyone needs to exercise. That’s why social sports are so very popular among professionals. When you can just relax and focus on the game at hand or even the ski trip you’re taking, you are far more likely to let your true personality shine through. This can benefit you a great deal when it comes to your professional networking.

If you are considering joining a social sports team but you are not sure you have the time to do so, take the time to reconsider how it can benefit you. Scheduled sporting events give you the opportunity to look forward to something you love, to get in some much-needed exercise, and even to meet up with other professionals who want to grow their networks, too – just like you. 

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