Stay Healthy & Active as Temperatures Drop

Stay active through New England winter with these 5 tips


  • 10.30.2019
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5 Tips to Stay Healthy & Active as Temperatures Drop

Fall and winter are usually associated with eating massive amounts of food and watching sports. And while those are BSSC favorites too, we know how important it is to continue keeping yourself healthy and active after summer ends. Below are 5 tips to feel your best and maintain a healthy lifestyle this season.

BSSC Indoor Soccer Player in Pink Takers Her Shot BSSC Member Rewards Partner SOul.Train.Fitness. Class BSSC Ski & Ride Adult Coed Friends in beanies and ski goggles laugh with beers in handDrink Enough Water.
Everyone knows water is important. It makes up over 50% of the human body, and we can only survive without it for short periods. According to Medical News Today, water aids everything from sleep and digestion, to skin health and brain functioning. But it tastes like boring feels and is easily passed by for something more caffeinated, exciting or intoxicating. As the weather cools off and the sun isn’t pressing as a reminder to grab a bottle, it is important to ensure you are drinking water throughout your day. Smartphone applications, such as Plant Nanny, help you track your daily water intake in a fun way. Or maybe try one of these water tracking bottle bands.

Join a Recreational Sports League
Adult Recreational Sports Leagues are the perfect incentive to get your heart rate up and move your body. Long workdays and few daylight hours can make it difficult to find time or motivation to get active. But hanging out with some new friends in the city to catch up on your week and bond over a common interest might seem a bit easier to pencil in. BSSC offers a wide range of recreational adult indoor sports leagues for those who prefer to keep it cozy through the winter season. Soccer, football, softball and field hockey leagues run on some of Boston’s favorite turf fields. Basketball, volleyball, futsal and dodgeball play in gyms all over Greater Boston. And these leagues play right in the city to keep to keep it close to home.

Give Skiing or Boarding a Try
A day ski trip from Boston feels much more like a vacation (that, let’s be honest, we could all use) than a way to squeeze a workout in. But a day on the hill is not only a killer leg day, you get some HIIT in as well. Healthline says, high intensity interval training can reduce heart rate and blood pressure, kill calories and lowers your metabolism for hours afterwards. This is convenient when it comes to après ski. Other “workouts” that have developed a culture of food, drinks, friends and music to finish off the day are few to none. It’s okay if you’re a newbie. Read Snowpak’s tips and jump on a ski bus for a day ski & ride trip with BSSC from Riverside, Newton, Woburn and more. And if it’s your first time down the hill on skis, remember, if you French fry when you’re supposes to pizza, you’re gonna have a bad time.

Gym the Right Way
If getting to a gym is what suits your lifestyle best, find a way to make the workout your own. Gyms are a bit like leggings; if they claim to be one size fits all, they’re liars. Treadmills and weight racks are great and all, but there is so much more to add into your workout experience. Soul.Train.Fitness hooks up BSSC members with small group training sessions, unlimited team training sessions and specialty classes like pilates, yoga and more! Or get a free month from Workout World. Boston Ski and Sports Club offers Member Rewards on all sorts of classes, locations, and fitness options to make you want to hit the gym. Classes or training sessions around Boston are also great ways to meet other active professionals, which can make working out more fun.

Try Your Hand at Rock Climbing
Our friends at Rock Spot Climbing told us, “If you can climb a ladder, you can climb a rock wall.” Contrary to popular belief, rock climbing isn’t just for those with unbelievable upper body strength. It actually offers a full body workout! Rock climbing can even improve your flexibility (step aside yoga) and is a low impact strength training option. Cool of the Wild, an excellent outdoor recreation and adventure blog, favors the exercise as a way to meditate, focus and relieve stress, and stimulate your brain’s problem solving abilities.

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