5 Ways to Train for a Basketball League

How to train for an indoor basketball league in Boston


  • 06.08.2018
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5 Ways to Train for an Indoor Basketball League

If you’re interested in participating in an Indoor Adult Basketball League but you’re afraid your skills might be a little lacking, there are plenty of exciting and helpful ways to train. The five options below are simple enough to practice anywhere, and they will help you feel more confident in your ability to be a true asset to your basketball team.

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#1 – Don't Take High-Risk Shots
Part of being an excellent basketball player involves improving your shot percentage. The best way to do this is to stop taking shots that are high-risk for you. Even NBA coaches utilize this advice by asking their players whether a particular missed shot felt out of balance, out of range, or out of rhythm. If the player answers yes to any of these things regularly, that is an indicator that this particular player should eliminate those shots. Though you may need to take a risk at some point, it’s best to take only the shots you can make or pass the ball to someone else.

#2 Be More Defensive
Another outstanding way to train for an indoor basketball league involves increasing the amount of activity when you’re in defensive mode. Many basketball players simply don’t move around enough, and this leaves them out of position when there’s an opening to make a move for a deflection, rebound or steal. Get a friend involved and ask him or her to dribble down the court, then simply practice moving. Be a good defender, adjust your defensive coverage, and remember that this doesn’t take practice, per se – it only takes focus and effort.

#3 – Communicate
Even if you’re practicing alone, try to get used to speaking out loud more often. This may seem a little silly at first, but it’s a good idea. It’s been said that if you say something out loud, you are more likely to follow through. If you’re about to take a three-point shot, say that you are going to make that shot out loud. Along those same lines, if you want to be the best defender possible, tell your opponents they won’t get an easy shot out of you. Odds are, you’ll find yourself making great strides – all because you’ve chosen to communicate what you plan to do with others.

#4 – Study Your Position
You’ll be assigned a position on your team, and above all else, it is your duty to be the very best that you can be at that position. Take time off the court to truly study that position. Watch footage of games, read books, go online and watch YouTube videos – do anything you can do to help yourself fit that particular position. Know how to pass and how to dribble based on your role. For example, as a center, you shouldn’t be spending all your time practicing full-court dribbling. Instead, focus on rebounds, because that’s where you should be.

#5 – Work Out
Last, but most certainly not least, it’s hard to play a solid game of basketball if your body isn’t in proper shape. You’ll need five very important physical traits – power, speed, strength, mobility, and agility – to truly succeed in basketball. Again, go online or to YouTube and look for drills designed to improve these traits. The stronger you get, the faster you get, and the more agile you get, the better you get, and that’s how you become an asset to your team.

Training for an indoor basketball league is just like training for anything else. You need to study your particular role, learn your strengths and weaknesses, hone your physical abilities, and make sure your defense is just as solid as your offense. These things will make you a true force on the court.

Ready to show off your moves? Join an adult basketball league in Boston today!

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