Try These Easy to Learn Basketball Moves

Try these easy basketball moves to play like a pro in no time


  • 06.07.2019
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Are You in an Indoor Basketball League? Try These Easy to Learn Pro Moves

If you watch the NBA on TV or even in person, then you’ve probably seen some crazy moves – including some signature moves like the classic no-look pass from the one and only Magic Johnson. Below, you’ll discover a few moves that will help you stay on your A-game and snag some high fives (and probably a few laughs) from your basketball league teammates.

Adult Basketball League in Boston Male Player crouches to shoot basketabll Adult Basketball League in Boston Court full of players Adult Basketball League in Boston Player in red dribbles basketball up court

The Bank Shot
Layups are one thing, but bank shots are something else entirely. You are absolutely allowed to use the backboard when it comes to sinking the ball, and people like the Spurs’ Coach Tim Duncan make it look easy. It’s a fundamental skill, and it’s an easy skill, but it’s one that can take some time to master. Don’t feel like your shots have to be “nothing but net” every single time and never be afraid to use the back glass to your advantage.

The Fadeaway
You’ve almost certainly seen Kobe Bryant play basketball many times, and if you have, you’ve seen Mr. Bryant’s amazing spin jump. You might think it’s all just for show, but the truth is that Kobe knows his stuff, and that spin gives him an offensive advantage. With a standard jump, his movement is much more predictable, and that puts him at greater risk of being blocked. When he spins, this creates confusion for the opposition if only for a second, and that second is all the advantage he needs to sink his shot.

The Crossover
No one could ever forget the amazing Allen “The Answer” Iverson. At just six feet tall, everyone towered over The Answer, but they couldn’t stop the crossover. When you’re one of the shortest guys on a basketball team, you are at a serious disadvantage, but fantastic movements like these will make you a serious asset to your outdoor basketball league – and the reason opposing teams throw in a couple extra hours of practice each week, too.

Reverse Layups
Like Kobe Bryant’s spin jump, reverse layups are designed to psyche out the opposition long enough to give you a clear path to sink your shot. In the process, they make for some amazing viewing for spectators. Michael Jordan was arguably the king of reverse layups despite his gargantuan size. Though he isn’t the only person to have ever made the shot, he is the man who made it popular, and he will always be remembered for this signature pro move.

The Skyhook
The opposite of Allen Iverson’s crossover is the skyhook, which was made famous by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. At 7’2” tall, Abdul-Jabbar was a force to be reckoned with. The skyhook move put the ball out of reach of almost every single opponent; the ball was at least a foot beyond their reach in most cases. You may not be as tall as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, but if you’re the tallest guy on your team, you can make this your signature move.

The pro basketball greats made many, many shots that will go down in history as amazing, and while many of these are going to be difficult to duplicate to the same degree, you can use them to your advantage with your own basketball team. Keep in mind that not all of these moves are right for everyone, so consider your position, your size, and your ability before deciding to make one your own. Want to show these moves on the court? Click here to check out what leagues we are currently offering!

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