Group Sports Are a Great Way to Network

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  • 06.05.2019
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Boston Young Professionals - Why Group Sports is a Great Way to Network

When many people think of networking, they likely think of company gatherings, workshops, and after work social events. However, there are many additional ways to meet others that may work in your industry or a similar profession. Group sports are growing in popularity among young professionals in Boston as an ideal way to meet new people and expand professional possibilities.

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One of the top reasons that group sports are an awesome opportunity for networking has to do with discovering the diversity of your community. When you sign up for a sports league, you and your teammates will play against several other local teams over the course of the season. This gives you the opportunity to meet dozens of new people across many different professions and backgrounds. In this hyper-connected day and age, having friends and acquaintances in as many industries as possible can certainly benefit your career.
Don’t discount the value of networking through sports simply because the people on your team don’t work in your industry. Sometimes, even people in other occupations can present you with excellent opportunities to expand your professional future.

Regular Meetups
Another reason why group sports are one of the best ways to grow your professional network is the regularity of the games. The sports league may cover eight to ten weeks with games spread throughout the Greater Boston area, which means you will have the chance to meet up with your team and new opponents several times per season.  This allows for plenty of time to chat with fellow players and even exchange business cards or phone numbers. In fact, many of Boston’s young professionals rely on their sport and hobby interests to help them network for this very reason.
You might also choose to meet up with people on your team or the opposing team outside of games. Signing up for events like pub crawls, sporting events, and weekend getaways can give you more opportunities to get to know the people in your league.

Other Young Professionals Need to Expand their Networks, Too
Group sports are particularly popular among young professionals, and because of this, there’s a good chance that the people you meet will be as excited to grow their networks as you are. In fact, in many locations, there is an unspoken trend that networking opportunities are welcomed and encouraged in group sports leagues. Exchanging business cards and arranging informal postgame meet-ups is so common that many people come to their games prepared with a stash of cards, should the opportunity present itself. Be sure to come with your own business cards, put on a friendly smile, and be ready to field some questions about yourself and your occupation.

As you can see, young professional adults across Boston love group sports, not only because it helps keep them fit and gives them time to socialize, but also because they can network with young professionals in other industries to help grow their network and improve their future prospects. Be sure to consider one of several exciting summer group sports leagues this season to see what the hype is all about.

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