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  • 02.06.2020
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BSSC Small Group Registration is Finally Here

BSSC Indoor Soccer Player in Pink Takers Her Shot BSSC Member Rewards Partner SOul.Train.Fitness. Class BSSC Ski & Ride Adult Coed Friends in beanies and ski goggles laugh with beers in handWe are excited to launch our newest site feature along with our kickoff to spring sports with our new Small Groups Registration feature! Players previously had two options when signing up for BSSC sports leagues. Captains could register an entire team, meaning they supplied all the players necessary to join the league. They typically handle the registration process for their players. Individual players looking to join a team could sign up solo to be placed with others looking for teammates. And now, a new Small Group registration option is here to make it easier than ever to play in the largest and longest running social sports club in Boston. .

What is Small Group Registration?
Small group registration is a new feature available for leagues. Register for your favorite sport, and invite up to 12 friends, coworkers or past teammates to come play too, all right from the league’s sign up page. This ensures you are matched with your preferred teammates without the added responsibility of acting as team captain. Simply register yourself, and send a link to others to invite them to register too.

How do I register a small group?
Signing up for small groups is incredibly similar to an individual registration. After choosing the sports league you want to join with your friends, register through the small group link. Look for the green box between the Teams and Individuals link. You will be prompted to log in if you have not already. Choose a name for your group of players. This will not necessarily be your team name, but will keep your registrations together for creating teams.

Enter your information as you typically would, then click the green Invite Friends button. You will need their name and email, and will have the option to customize the message they receive. The Add button allows you to send the invite to multiple people at once. Continue on and pay for your registration as usual (You will not be asked to pay those you have invited, only yourself.

Is small group registration for me?
Small Groups were created with the players in mind who don’t have an entire team together, but do have a handful of people they want to play with, making it is easier than ever to get out and play with friends and coworkers. Social sports are a great place to make friends and meet other active young adults in Greater Boston. Bring together old and new friends to create your perfect team for everything from soccer and field hockey to softball and volleyball.

What should I do if I forgot to invite someone?
Isn’t it always the case that you remember something you forgot just as you click submit? We thought of that. After your registration is completed, the confirmation page will include another Invite Friends button for those who slipped your mind. (Don’t worry. We won’t tell them). You can also invite someone later directly from your account page! They could also navigate to the league’s registration page themselves, and sign up under Small Groups with your group name. Here, they can invite additional players, or simply finish registering as part of your group.

Still have questions on how to register a small group? Reach out directly to your Program Manager and they can help you out! Thanks for playing with BSSC this year.

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