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BSSC Weekly Workout #8

Here is Week #8 of the BSSC weekly workout series! To keep us in shape, our friend & personal trainer Tiffany has worked hard on this leg endurance workout! Improve your lower body muscular endurance with this workout! Complete these exercises as a circuit. Complete 45 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds of rest before moving on to the next exercise. Rest for a full minute between rounds and complete 4 rounds total.

Sit back into a squat with your weight in your heels, back flat, and chest lifted. Rise up onto your toes for a calf raise. From there, return to the bottom of your squat. This time, use momentum to jump into the air. Alternate between a squat to calf raise and squat jump for the remainder of the time interval.

Begin in a shallow squat position. Stay low and rotate about 45 degrees. Repeat on the other side. Take four steps forward in this position before shuffling back to your starting point. Repeat.

Begin in a wide squat stance with your toes pointed slightly outward. From there, squat down with your weight in your heels. Rotate your feet so that your toes are facing the same direction and lunge in place. Pivot back into the sumo squat position and repeat on the other side.

Sit back into a squat with your weight in your heels, back flat, and chest lifted. Kick your foot forward and return to your squat. Repeat on the other side.

Did you try this workout? We want to see. Share your workout with your friends and teammates online. Don’t forget to hashtag #BSSC and we'll see you there! For more fitness content from Tiffany, click here.

View Week #7: Click here to go back to the last workout!

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