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BSSC Weekly Workout Monthly Wrap Up 2

BSSC Coed Soccer League in Boston MA Players Fight for Ball Posession BSSC Adult Coed Soccer League in Boston Player Runs with Ball Dribbles it Near Ref BSSC Coed Outdoor Soccer League in Boston MA Players

That's already two months down in the new BSSC weekly workout series! To keep us in shape, our friend & personal trainer Tiffany has worked hard on these sport-inspired workouts to keep you in shape from home, without equipment, and minimal space. 

#5 Skiing Inspired
The first of the new weekly workout series, this basketball inspired workout is sure to get and keep you in shape from home. For this simple yet powerful circuit, repeat for 4 rounds, resting minimally between exercises and for 60 seconds between sets. Click here to go to workout #5.

#6 Total Body Workout
This total body workout will improve your strength, stability, and endurance! Work your legs, back, chest, shoulders, arms, and abs with just four moves. Complete as a circuit with 45 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds of rest for each exercise. Rest for 60 seconds between rounds and repeat 3-4 times. Click here to go to workout #6.

#7 Balance Challenge
This balance challenge will improve your stability and balance! Strengthen your legs, glutes, core, and shoulders while challenging your balance, coordination, and stability. Complete each exercise 8-15 times on each side (depending on your fitness level) before moving on to the other side. Start with your weaker side so that you can match with the same number of repetitions on your stronger side. Complete 3-4 sets of each exercise. Click here to go to workout #7.

#8 Leg Endurance
This leg endurance workout will improve your lower body muscular endurance! Complete these exercises as a circuit. Complete 45 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds of rest before moving on to the next exercise. Rest for a full minute between rounds and complete 4 rounds total. Click here to go to workout #8.

Did you try these workouts? We want to see you following along! Share your workout with your friends and teammates online. Don’t forget to hashtag #BSSC and we'll see you there! For more fitness content from Tiffany, click here.

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