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  • 08.26.2018
  • General

Getaround Athlete of the Week 2019

High Brew Coffee Photo of the Week Contest

ENTER TO WIN $50 from Getaround

BSSC and Getaround are teaming up to bring you the Athlete of the Week promotion for all BSSC sports leagues. You can nominate yourself or a teammate at anytime during your league and be entered to win $50 towards a car rental from our friends at Getaround!

     • Post a photo of you and/or your teammates at a BSSC league, telling us why you should win
     • Tag @Getaround and @BSSC to Facebook & Twitter; or Instagram with #AthleteoftheWeek
     • Check your email. One winner will be chosen weekly to win the $50 to use with Getaround

Getaround is a trusted community marketplace to list and rent cars. Getaround makes it easy to rent cars shared by people near you. You can search for and book cars, and even unlock your next ride, all from your phone. To get $25 off your first rental, click here

Photo by: Jessica S
Sport: Soccer
Week 1


Photo by: Julie L
Sport: Volleyball
Week 2



Photo by: Steve L
Sport: Soccer
Week 3

Photo by: Lauren E
Sport: Dodgeball
Week 4

Photo by: Linh T
Sport: Volleyball
Week 5

Photo by: Shelly D
Sport: Soccer
Week 6

Photo by: Bethany P
Sport: Basketball
Week 7

Photo by: Danielle H
Sport: Soccer
Week 8

Photo by: Amanda F
Sport: Field Hockey
Week 9

Photo by: Johanna D
Sport: Dodgeball
Week 10

Photo by: Emily H
Sport: Soccer
Week 11

Photo by: Jessica R
Sport: Softball
Week 12

Photo by: Michelle R
Sport: Soccer
Week 13


Photo by: Aniruddha P
Sport: Soccer
Week 14

Photo by: Tara M
Sport: Football
Week 15

Photo by: Monique G
Sport: Kickball
Week 16

Photo by: Ashley W
Sport: Kickball
Week 17

Photo by: Becky K
Sport: Softball
Week 18

Photo by: Emma B
Sport: Field Hockey
Week 19

Photo by: Sarah R
Sport: Soccer
Week 20

Photo by: Zach S
Sport: Volleyball & Softball
Week 21

Photo by: Anna G
Sport: Kickball
Week 22

Photo by: Katarina V
Sport: Soccer
Week 23

Photo by: Rachel F
Sport: Softball
Week 24

Photo by: Brandy A
Sport: Soccer
Week 25

Photo by: Jodi M
Sport: Softball
Week 26

Photo by: Justin C
Sport: Kickball
Week 27

Photo by: Samantha F
Sport: Kickball
Week 28





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