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  • 11.01.2021
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Indoor Sports Leagues for Teams & Individuals

Play indoors this season with BSSC! Have fun competing at some of the best locations in and around Greater Boston in leagues that are well organized and competitive. It's easy to get involved. Enter a full team, with a few friends, or on your own and be placed on a team.

BSSC Indoor Backetball League Coed Players in Redand White Jerseys CAPTAINS OF TEAMS - Sign up early to SAVE $50 to $100.  A $200 deposit will reserve your team space and you control your roster.  Not enough for a full team, use our small group function and we'll put everyone on a team together and supplement you with other players.  BSSC no longer has NON-MEMBER FEES!  We also allow unlimited roster additions on leagues to make it easier on you to field a team

INDIVIDUALS - Sign up early to be placed on a team.  Players sign up by themselves and we match you up with others and make a team.  If you have a friend or two that is signing up as well, simply fill in the 'Teammate Request'.  Most leagues are listed as Holding Payment, complete your registration with payment and you'll be wait-listed while we gather enough players.  No worries, we match up teams all the time!

SMALL GROUPS - If you have 2 or more friends that you want to invite to play on your team, but not enough for a full team, use our small group function and we'll put you on a team together and supplement you with other players

Multiple Locations
- Thursday Men's - starts Feb 3
- Thursday Women's 7v7 - starts Jan 27
- Sunday Coed 6v6 - starts Mar 6
- Sunday Men's 6v6 - starts Mar 6
- Tuesday Men's - starts Feb 1
- Sunday Coed - starts Feb 13
- Thursday Coed 7v7 - starts Jan 27
- Wednesday Coed 7v7 - starts Jan 26
- Monday Coed & Men's 7v7 - starts Jan 31
- Tuesday Coed & Men's 7v7 - starts Feb 1
- Thursday Coed - starts Jan 27
- Wednesday Coed 6v6 - starts Feb 2
- Thursday Coed 6v6 - starts Feb 3
- Monday Coed 6v6 - starts Feb 7
- Sunday Coed 6v6 - starts Feb 20
- Thursday Danvers Coed - starts Feb 3
- Sunday ABLI - starts Jan 16
- VB sKills Serving, Setting & Hitting-Int-Adv - Jan 19
- VB Hitting & Setting Beginner - Intermediate - Jan 20

For more details and to register, click on the leagues above. Please call us at 617.789.4070 with any questions.

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