Looking for the Best Social Events in Boston?

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  • 06.01.2018
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Looking for the Best Social Events in Boston? Try BSSC for a Good Time

To many adults, socializing means a few things. For some, it’s meeting up at a local bar for a few drinks. To others, it’s getting on a boat and enjoying the views with good music and good friends. If you’re interested in participating in some of Boston’s best social events, Boston Sports + Ski Club offers several from which to choose. There is truly something on the agenda for everyone.

BSSC Couple Dance at Rock the Boat Party Cruise Man in Sunglasses Dances with Woman While Both Hold Foam Glowsticks BSSC Social Events Rock the Baot Party Cruise Below Deck Hands Up Party Shot Dance Floor Crowded and Happy BSSC Social Events Rock the Boar Party Cruise Group of Young Adults Holding Beer in Koozies and Smiling on a Boat in Boston, MA

Pub Crawls
One of the most common after-work pastimes for people in and around the Boston area involves meeting up at a local pub or bar to enjoy a few drinks and blow off steam. While it is one of the most popular types of social events, it can become a bit mundane and routine with time. To spice things up a little – and perhaps even meet new people at the same time – consider participating in a pub crawl.
A pub crawl is much like a tour of local pubs and bars. Groups of people and individuals meet up to spend a predetermined amount of time at a number of local pubs, sampling the best of the best at each one. This is especially nice for people who may enjoy this type of socialization, but who would may not otherwise visit the different venues on their own. It’s a great opportunity to discover new places, new drinks, new food, and even new people.

Rock the Boat Cruise
Boston offers a cool Summer vibe by way of the picturesque Charles River and Boston Harbor. Every June BSSC hosts their signature event on the harbor, the Rock the Boat Cruise.  This annual sailing is incredibly fun and packed with things to do:
•    Three partying decks offer something for everyone
•    Dancing with music provided by two local DJs
•    Cash bars where you can buy your favorite beers, wines, and cocktails
•    Summer swag bags, prizes, and more to win
•    Cornhole and other games on the lower deck
The cruise lasts three hours and gives you the opportunity to dance, drink, eat, play, and meet new people who enjoy the same things you do. If you enjoy the nightlife, but you’re tired of the same pubs and taverns, consider departing from the Commonwealth Pier to cruise and party on the Boston Harbor!

Red Sox Games
Nothing screams Boston like a Red Sox game at the famed Fenway Park. But, why go alone when you can attend with a group of like-minded sports lovers? The best part is that when you go with a BSSC group, you’ll have access to things you might not otherwise experience. There’s a pre-game party offering free appetizers and a cash bar, a special promotion from Bud Light with free swag for everyone, and much, much more. Sit with other BSSC fans, enjoy the beer and the food, and make a few new friends all at the same time.

Everyone enjoys a good social event, but it’s easy to get stuck in a rut and do the same things day after day, week after week. When you attend any of the social events listed above, you’re guaranteed a good time, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.
Check out our other social events in Boston and start meeting new people today!

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