My Life at Lasell College and BSSC

Attending Lasell before BSSC and back at it again


  • 08.27.2018
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My Life at Lasell College and BSSC

You just never know when something in life will come back full circle. In my case, I went to Lasell College as an undergrad and now I am working with them as a partner of the Boston Ski and Sports Club (Below are some examples of my design work for projects we have worked on together).

BSSC Partnership with Lasell University 2018 Fall Golf Classic Digital LogoBSSC and Lasell University Captain's Spotlight female player smiling and giving a thumbs up Lasell University Brick University Entrance SignI am not only working with the school again, but have also returned to get my graduate degree in Marketing. As a result of my work with Boston Ski and Sports Club and our partnership with Lasell, I was reintroduced to its many graduate school programs. I have facilitated various marketing projects with Lasell and it has been gratifying to work with my alma mater.

Being able to take classes online is very beneficial while trying to navigate schedules and learning from professionals with industry experience truly makes an incredible difference. The desire to learn is important and for professionals continuing to learn is even more vital due to the constantly changing landscape of every industry. Throughout my career, I have used many resources Lasell has provided. Reaching out to professors to get their opinions about jobs has helped tremendously. Combining my knowledge from undergrad and perspective from my professional career has resulted in my desire to obtain a higher degree.

As an undergrad I began focusing on art and creative while I studied graphic design. Now further down the road, I have used those skills to attain a career in creative marketing. Sports have always been a passion, but I found myself more of a fan than a player. Combining the creative field with my sports interest was where I knew my professional career would flourish. It has been a great combination while working at BSSC as the Creative Marketing Manager. Now I am happy to return to Lasell, which has been such an essential part of my journey to where I am today. To learn more about Lasell's Programs Click Here

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