What should you pack for a day ski trip?

What you need to bring when you take a day ski trip from Boston with BSSC


  • 12.06.2019
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Not Sure What to Pack for a Day Ski Trip? We Have You Covered!

Packing for a ski trip can be an anxiety-inducing process, especially if you are new to the popular outdoor activity. When you take a ski bus from Boston, what do you need to bring? Are you overprepared? Underprepared? Here is the complete list of what you’ll need when you take a day ski trip with BSSC:

BSSC Ski Trip from Boston Skier carving turn in powder on Rosignol Skis Gondola loaded with colorful skis against a blue sky BSSC Ski From Boston Four colorful skiers appreciating snowy mountain valley

Soft Snow Gear
Soft snow gear covers everything meant to keep you warm and dry. Waterproof jackets, snowpants, and gloves are the bare necessities for skiing and boarding. But beanies, ski masks, and other face coverings can be a good idea as well. The air can feel significantly colder speeding down a mountain. Whether you’re in ski or snowboard boots, wet or blistered feet can take the fun out of your ski trip pretty quickly. Tall, thick socks will be your feet’s best friends, and a dry pair at the end of the day is just as important.

Base Layers
Base layers are easily overlooked and underappreciated until it’s too late. They are the thermals and long johns you wear underneath your jacket and snowpants to stay warm. They should be breathable and not too heavy. For extra cold days, a mid layer can be added to lock in your body heat. Base layers are easily worn onto the bus for the ride up to the mountain. So once you get your lift ticket and gather your gear, you’re ready to hit the hill. REI has some helpful tips for choosing the right base layer.

Head and Eyewear
Goggles are a non-negotiable part of the skier/snowboarder outfit. They can occasionally be swapped out for sunglasses on a bluebird day, but for the most part you are going to want your eyes very well protected from the wind and elements. Goggles come in a variety of sizes and lens options. Amber lenses are preferred for lower light days, while a mirrored lens is best suited for the sun. A helmet should be worn to protect against head injuries and can help to keep you extra warm.

Skis, Poles, Snowboards and Boots
The buses to and from mountain have large compartments beneath for the safe transportation of your skis, poles, snowboards and boot bags. We recommend keeping your boots with you on the bus for the ride up. Trust us. Your toes will thank you for the warm boot to start your day. Don’t have your own skis or snowboard? That’s okay! When you register for a day ski trip, you have the option to add on ski or board rentals at the mountain.

Other Helpful Recommendations
Other common items to bring are water bottles or snacks for the day or bus ride home. Skiers and riders often meet up around midday for lunch. Some choose to pack a lunch, but lodges also have food and drinks to purchase. Headphones, phone chargers, and the usual accessories can also come in handy for the day.

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