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  • 06.08.2019
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Reasons to Join an Adult Volleyball League

When many people think of volleyball, they think of a sport they played in high school, on the beach, or at a backyard cookout, but never again since. Volleyball is one of the fastest growing sports in the country, and believe it or not, it’s also an incredibly social sport that is ideal for people of various ages and fitness levels. Below are some of the best reasons to consider joining an adult volleyball league today.

BSSC Indoor Volleyball Player in Knee brace postions herself to bumb the volleyball from the back line BSSC Indoor Volleyball Male Players Jump in unison to block opponents spike BSSC Outdoor Volleyball Tournament in Boton female player jumps to spike the ball over the net whileopponents prepare themselves

The Rules are Easy to Learn
Some sports can be quite complicated for beginners to learn, leading to frustration or self-doubt. If this sounds familiar, you are certainly not alone, and volleyball is a phenomenal sport to play. The goal is simple – Players pass the ball to each other to set up a play that allows their team to hit the ball to the ground or floor on the opponent’s side of the net, without allowing the ball to land on their own side of the court. After many serves, volleys, sets, spikes and digs, the first team to score 25 points wins the game.

Almost Anyone Can Play
Though the concept of volleyball is simple, a diversity of players may be required to create the best possible team. A successful volleyball team is one that utilizes each player’s unique skills, and abilities to their full potential. For example, one teammate may be exceptional at setting, another at spiking the ball, while another may be better at defense or diving for low balls before they hit the ground. Think about your physical strengths and ways you might utilize those to help your volleyball team.

You Can Practice Anywhere
Unlike some sports that are difficult to practice without specific equipment and a few other people, volleyball is something you can practice on your own. All you need is a volleyball, which you can purchase online or at a sporting goods store. Practice bumping, serving or setting the ball to improve your skillset. You can also attempt to keep the ball moving back and forth using a wall as your “partner”. The best way to get started in the sport, or improve your skills and learn new ones, is to take a clinic or series of classes.

You Can Meet People Who Share Your Interests
Volleyball is one of the most social sports in existence, which makes it perfect for anyone who lives a very busy life and wants to maximize his or her sports time. Not only can you get to know the players on your team better as time goes on, but you can also get to know others in the league on opposing teams, too. It’s a great way to make some new friends or even expand your professional network. Players in recreational leagues often meet-up afterwards at the local pub to re-count the night’s competition.

Several Ways to Play
Finally, volleyball leagues give you several different options to suit your skills. You might opt for a an outdoor doubles tournament that puts two against two in a fast-paced, high-action showdown, or you might choose a more casual approach with pickup volleyball. In the latter case, you simply show up to the predetermined location and play with others who share your skill level. Finally, outdoor and indoor coed volleyball leagues offer six-versus-six or four-versus-four options to play on men’s or women’s height nets. You can organize and enter your own team, or sign up individually to be matched with other players.

Whether you choose to join an organized volleyball league to play for the entire season, participate in a doubles tournament with your best friend or even a coworker, or just drop in for a Friday night pickup game, Volleyball is a great sport if you want to stay in shape and expand your social circle at the same time.

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