Ideas For Killing Extra Time at Home

Make the most of your time at home with these BSSC tips


  • 03.06.2020
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Top 5 Ideas For Killing Extra Time at Home

While we all social distance and spend more time in our homes, it is incredibly easy to find yourself staring at your phone or computer all day. Take a break from the screens, your mental health will thank you. If you have some extra time and need ideas on how to spend it, here are 5 top ideas from BSSC.

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A disorganized and cluttered home can make it hard to be productive or motivated to get off the couch or even put on pants. We happen to all be safe inside at the start of Spring Cleaning Season, so take it as a blessing and get to work! Whether it is a closet full of clothes, a desk drawer you are afraid to open, or a living room that's looking a bit too lived in, everyone has some space in their home that could use some organization. Here are some great tips for the chronically unorganized.

In all of your organization efforts, you will likely come across some items you don't want (or even remember you had.) This is a great time to rid yourself of things that aren't necessary. Marie Kondo was very popular in recent years for her unique and simplified technique. Clothing, or even makeup, can be donated to humans who would benefit greatly from items also being kept out of landfills. It's a win-win-win, which is obviously the best kind. 

Regardless of what that means to you, spending some time to sit quietly with your thoughts is vital to maintaining your mental health. Studies show that daily reflection, journaling, prayer, meditation, etc. can all help with sleep, depression, anxiety, Our world has become very fast-paced, it isn't uncommon to go all day without some sort of mental distraction. Take a moment away from your phone, music, TV or the radio. You may be surprised how difficult this may seem at first, but with daily practice you will improve.

So many people, at the mere suggestion of cooking, almost immediately come back with, "I cannot cook." They are liars. Anyone can cook, but that negativity is going to make learning a whole lot harder. Purple Carrot has meal kits for basic skills, and YouTube is an endless trove of tutorials. Some favorite Boston restaurants have jumped on board and are now offering meal kit options. Social media can be the best tool here for ideas tailored to your experience. Spend some time finding a recipe. Imperfect Foods will ship affordable and high quality vegetable, produce, and pantry essentials to your door, so you can even plan your meal and buy your groceries without  leaving the room.

Pets across the nation are thrilled to have so much quality time with their owners. Try teaching your dog a new trick (or finally tackling that potty issue you pretend is getting better.) Or maybe you have a caged critter whose home could use some extra attention. Regardless of your preferred pet species, the extra time to slow down and show them the extra love you may have felt too busy for beforehand. Photo credit to @good_boy_brady_tb12 for tagging in the pup picture above 

We want to see what you're up to, what you're cooking, and your pets. Share how you have been killing time while social distancing with the other active young adults of Boston. Don’t forget to hashtag #BSSC and we'll see you there!

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