Exercises for Social Distancing

Stay active with these top tips for young professionals social distancing!


  • 03.03.2020
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Top Exercises for Social Distancing Active Young Professionals

As Boston’s young professionals strive to stay active in this wild time of closed gyms and fields, home workout searches skyrocket. But there are seemingly endless options making it difficult to start. Keep it simple, and remember if you train now, your team can come back swinging when sports reopen for play. Try these top exercises without gyms, equipment, space, or much time.

BSSC Coed Soccer League in Boston MA Players Fight for Ball Posession BSSC Adult Coed Soccer League in Boston Player Runs with Ball Dribbles it Near Ref BSSC Coed Outdoor Soccer League in Boston MA PlayersJUMP SQUATS
Jump squats work on your vertical, strengthen your thighs and glutes, and get your heart rate up. Start in an athletic stance and jump as high as you can, throwing your arms down and backwards. Catch yourself into a squat (go lower for more intensity.) Without pause, repeat jump from squatting position. Congratulations! That’s one. Strive for as many as you can, and next time try for more. This is a very basic method of tailoring the workout to yourself and fitness level.

You’ll be on the floor for this one. A clean towel or blanket can be placed beneath you if needed. Get into a plank position, like a pushup from your elbows, weight down on your forearms. Your body should be straight, like a plank. Butts should not be mountains or valleys. Hold yourself in this position, timing yourself. You should feel your core and abs being worked.

This one is popular for a reason. Working your shoulder, back and peck muscles while strengthening your wrists. Like the plank, your body should be straight. Widen your fingers for a solid weight distribution for the pushup. Shoot for good form first, high reps later. You want your elbows to come to about a 90-degree angle for this pushup.

Bonus points for this one if you have some resistance bands laying around. Lay on your back, arms flat down at your sides, knees bent. Keeping your neck and shoulders flat, raise your butt into the air until your body is, once again, flat. Glute raises can be tracked via timing or reps depending on preference and strength.

Share your home workout with us! Upload your workout video in your BSSC shirt and tag #BSSC to share on social with our active community. 

Moving your body is essential, not only to your physical health but to your mental health and overall wellbeing. Repeat these steps for multiple intervals, or as much as you can. Are you looking for something a bit more advanced? Try increasing intervals or reps until you struggle on the last rep or so of your set. Make the most of this time indoors, and showcase your skills on the BSSC sports field once leagues get going again!

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