• 05.18.2020
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Top Reasons to Try BSSC Esports Now

While Esports have been around for a bit, a newfound appreciation and wave of participants has grown rapidly while so many of Boston’s active young professionals are social distancing and spending more time at home. Here are the top reasons you need to try out a BSSC esports tournament.

BSSC Coed Soccer League in Boston MA Players Fight for Ball Posession BSSC Adult Coed Soccer League in Boston Player Runs with Ball Dribbles it Near Ref BSSC Coed Outdoor Soccer League in Boston MA Players

While many of us are trying to stay connected with friends and family during this time, many are missing the daily interactions of Boston life and connecting with other active professionals. Video games have even been recommended as a channel to stay connected with friends while at home. Stay connected with your teammates and coworkers. You might even make some new friends!

Keeping your mind occupied in the off-hours can seem impossible, and traditional mentally stimulating puzzles or games can get old quickly. If you are sick of making bread or aimless scrolling channels, give esports a shot.  In a BSSC esports tournament, you are challenged and mentally stimulated while having an awesome time!

Not all BSSC esports players are located here in Boston, and we think that’s amazing. The esports gaming platform allows people to connect and spend time together. Players from all different sports, interests, locations and age are coming together to share a night of (literally) fun and games.

What better time than now to try new things and find new interests? Switch things up and try something new. Maybe you haven't turned the console on in a while, or maybe you've been killing it on a game, but have't tried out Madden or FIFA yet.  Whether it was the court, slopes, field or parties that drew you to the club, you never know what else you may end up loving.

To view upcoming esports tournaments, click here

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