Want to Be Part of a Football League?

Men’s flag football leagues in Boston – what you need to know


  • 06.11.2018
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Want to Be Part of a Men’s Flag Football League in Boston?

Though people often say baseball is the all-American sport, there are others who will argue in favor of football. The Super Bowl is one of the most-watched events on television because people enjoy the action, the competitive spirit, and the camaraderie. If you’ve always wanted to play football, but wearing 20 pounds of gear isn’t appealing, flag football is an outstanding alternative. In fact, you can join a flag football league today and start having fun.

BSSC Men's Football Outdoors Opposing players run past each other on field in Boston BSSC Men's Football Outdoors Male player in blue crouches and tuc ks the ball in close to protect it from oncoming opponent BSSC Men's Football Outdoors Male player in green jersey reaches to catch the football

Anyone is Welcome to Join
Flag football has the exact same rules as the traditional NFL or college football you watch on television, only without all the body smashing and injuries. Rather, each participant wears a flag from his belt, and instead of tackling the person carrying the ball, the goal is to reach out and remove the flag. Football is relatively easy to learn, so if you’ve always wanted to play but you were worried about inexperience or massive tackles, those things don’t exist in flag football. Leagues are open to everyone regardless of skill level.

Indoor and Outdoor Options
There are two separate options for BSSC flag football leagues – indoor and outdoor. They take place at different times of the year, with outdoor football benefiting from the beautiful weather and natural elements, while indoor football provides a warm shelter from the cold and snow. Rain or shine, there’s always a football game to play, and always teams waiting for their chance to shine. Choose the indoor league, the outdoor league, or if your schedule permits, you can play in both.  

Meet Like-Minded People
Football fans have much in common, especially if they enjoy coming together to play the game each week. Flag football leagues give men in and around Boston the chance to make new friends and perhaps even expand their professional networks. You can join a league solo to be placed on a team, or you can bring a group of friends and play together against others. Either way, you are sure to make some new friends along the way and perhaps even learn a thing or two about one of your favorite sports.

BSSC Membership has Its Perks, Too
Signing up for a flag football league with a Boston Ski and Sports Club (BSSC) membership is exciting, but there are other perks, as well. Members have access to a variety of events, including weekend ski trips, adventures, and leisure travel. Members will often travel to watch sports like baseball and football, both locally and in other parts of the country. Mountain biking, whitewater rafting, and other activities round out BSSC’s offerings, and, of course members receive discounts, too.

A men’s flag football league offers up many benefits, and the best part is that anyone at all can join. There are indoor and outdoor leagues to ensure the fun never stops, and you’ll have the opportunity to meet fellow football lovers and young professionals, too. Aside from that, you can also participate in other BSSC events, whether you want an adrenaline rush or simply a weekend getaway - Like heading for Miami to see the Dolphins play the Pats this December!

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