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  • 04.28.2019
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Want to Stay Fit This Season? Join an Outdoor Soccer League!

A quarter of the world’s adult population does not get enough exercise according to a study from the World Health Organization. In a country where obesity is epidemic and conditions like diabetes and heart disease run rampant, finding new and fun ways to get your exercise is crucial for your health. If you’re looking to get out of the gym or off the yoga mat and do something a little more exciting, an Outdoor Soccer League may be just the thing.

BSSC Soccer Men's Adult Soccer outdoor soccer game on field in Boston a male player in a yellow jersey runs past two male players in white who try to steal the soccer ball BSSC Soccer Adult Coed Soccer League in Boston Female player in purple dribbles soccer ball around a male player in blue BSSC Soccer Women's Soccer League in Boston Female Player in purple shorts and jersey dribbles the soccer ball at opponents in red jerseys

Adults Who Enjoy their Exercise Get More of It
Studies have shown that people who don’t like working out for any number of reasons will simply not continue to exercise. Even if their intentions are sincere, if they dislike the activities they choose, they will likely feel inept or bored, which means the activities just won’t last. If you’re bored with jogging, heading to the gym, or walking on the treadmill, think about signing up for an adult soccer league instead. It’s a ton of fun, and because you’re more likely to enjoy it, there’s a good chance you’ll stick with it.

It Keeps More than Your Body Fit
It’s a common misconception that sports are only designed to give your body a workout. There’s plenty of evidence suggesting that playing in an outdoor soccer league – especially if you haven’t played soccer in the past – could be good for your brain, too. Soccer requires a great deal of hand-eye (and foot-eye) coordination, so as you take the time to work on your motor skills, your brain gets healthier, too. The old adage says “use it or lose it”, and there’s no doubt that soccer provides you an outstanding way to use both your body and your mind.

Exercise with Friends is More Fun
Going to the gym by yourself or putting in some earbuds while you jog around the park can be a peaceful experience, and it’s one that many people enjoy. However, when all your workouts are solo, it can be lonely, and that can make you a little less than enthusiastic about getting it done. When you choose to play on an outdoor soccer team, you are never truly working out alone. In fact, you are surrounding yourself with people who enjoy the same types of activities you do, which can lead to some exciting new friendships and networking opportunities.

It’s Affordable and Local
Joining the Boston Ski & Sports Club is a great way to give yourself access to outdoor soccer and other sports, as well as many other offerings. The prices for membership are quite affordable, and aside from just sports, you can meet up for ball games, pub crawls, cruises, and much more. The best part is that when you choose a well-established club like Boston Ski and Sports Club, the prices are low thanks in part to the excellent working relationship between the club itself and the various service and venue providers.
If you’re interested in staying fit this season but the idea of doing the same old activities time and again – and often by yourself – just doesn’t appeal to you, then an outdoor soccer league is the perfect solution. When you join, you can meet up with other young professionals who share your hobbies, interests, and passions. You can even keep your body and mind in shape while building friendships.

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