What to Expect on a BSSC Ski Bus

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  • 12.07.2019
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What to Expect on a BSSC Ski Bus

Thousands of skiers and riders hit the best mountains in New England with BSSC every year. Day bus trips out of Boston make it easy to get your ski or snowboard days in this season. Pickup locations span from south to north shores, and trips run both midweek and on weekends. There is even a new pickup location this year: Harvard Square in Cambridge. Here is what you can expect on the bus when you take a day ski trip with BSSC:

BSSC Day Ski Trips from Boston Snowborder shredding powder BSSC Day Ski Trips from Boston BODYARMOR on the bus BSSC Day Ski Trips from Boston Snowy mountains and bluebird dayTrip Leaders
Every day ski trip is led by knowledgeable trip leaders to ensure your day on the mountain is the best it can be. Your trip leaders have you covered with your BODYARMOR, CLIF bars, lift tickets and rental vouchers, all before you’re off the bus. Leaders help organize groups by skill level for anyone who would like to join, so no one skis alone who doesn’t want to. You can sit back and trust that BSSC has your back with all of the details.

Arguably the worst part of a ski trip can be waking up early to drive hours to the hill in the morning. The bus is a quiet group heading up, as most skiers and riders catch a few z’s and wake up as we near the mountain. Spend your time to and from the mountain resting up! Skiing and snowboarding can be exhausting activities. Muscles repair and grow while you sleep, so a nap on your bus ride home could be helping you condition your muscles and improve your performance.

WiFi & Restrooms
You can find WiFi practically anywhere you go these days. Why should a ski bus be any different? Sneak in some work on a midweek trip or stream your recent favorites. And the restroom in the back of the bus can come in handy, as buses drive straight to the mountain to get everyone skiing and riding as soon as possible.

Fueling yourself properly to have energy for your day is crucial when participating in physically demanding activities. This is especially true for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports. Muscles need more energy to function at higher altitudes, so eating throughout your day on the hill is important. Consuming snacks with carbs and small amounts of protein can actually help to minimize damage to your muscles while you ski or ride. This can help to reduce the risk of making an injury-causing mistake due to muscle fatigue. Eat your CLIF Bar as breakfast to fuel your day or a snack to keep it going strong.

BODYARMOR Lyte & BODYARMOR Water are must add additions to your ski trip, as staying hydrated on the mountain is a necessity. The Institute of Altitude Medicine recommends 1 to 1.5 extra liters of water at high altitudes and to increase your intake of electrolytes. BODYARMOR Lyte contains 20 calories and 2 grams of sugar (all from coconut water) in a 16oz bottle and has 2.5x more electrolytes than other sports drinks per serving. BODYARMOR Water is an alkaline water with PH 9+ with a proprietary electrolyte formula that contains more electrolytes than any other premium water. It is important to take a sip or two of electrolytes every 15 minutes. Sip on the Lyte every 15 minutes, and down your BODYARMOR water each time you take a break from the slopes. BSSC trip leaders hook you up before arriving to the hill.

If you’ve been interested in taking a day ski trip with Boston or are just curious what all the hype is about, sign up by Monday the week of your trip to save $5. Pickup locations include Pembroke, Quincy Adams, Back Bay, Harvard Square, Newton and Woburn. And outstanding trip leaders get you everything you need to ski and ride.

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