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  • 06.07.2019
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Why a Weekend Ski Trip Leaving Boston is Just What the Doctor Ordered

If you’ve been daydreaming about taking some time away from work – and from Boston altogether – there’s some pretty compelling evidence that doing so is good for your health. Below, you can learn some of the most impressive health benefits associated with an out-of-town ski getaway.

BSSC Ski Trip from Boston Skier carving turn in powder on Rosignol Skis Gondola loaded with colorful skis against a blue sky BSSC Ski From Boston Four colorful skiers appreciating snowy mountain valley

Vacations Reduce Stress
We all have too much stress, and that’s led to numerous studies focusing on the best ways to prevent and reduce it. One such study put together by the American Psychological Association found that vacations are amazing stress relievers simply because they remove you from the situation that’s stressing you out. Yet another study found that people had fewer physical complaints upon returning to work from a vacation, which suggests that these benefits last for much longer than the duration of the ski trip itself.

Ski Trips are Good for Your Heart
If you still need a reason to go ahead and schedule that weekend ski trip, consider this one: scientists have proven it’s good for your heart. A team at Syracuse University found that people who took more vacations have a lowered risk for various metabolic symptoms – including metabolic syndrome – which is a serious heart disease risk factor. They found that the more an individual vacationed, the less their risk of cardiovascular disease. What’s more, the less a person vacationed, and the more they insisted on working, the greater their risk.

You’ll Be More Productive and Just Feel Better
People seem to be programmed to be productive every second of every day, but due to everything from stress to lack of sleep, most people just don’t have the focus they need to do their very best. Vacationing has been shown to help people remain focused on both their short-term and long-term goals. What’s more, companies that require employees to take time off were far happier and more productive overall.

You’ll Sleep Better, Too
Sleep is the one thing most people just don’t get enough of, and it isn’t because they don’t try. It’s simply because they can’t. Difficulty falling and staying asleep is the modern version of the plague, and it’s often due to stress. When you don’t sleep enough, your memory and cognitive ability is seriously impaired, and that can hold you back from reaching your goals. People who vacation regularly disrupt negative habits that prevent them from getting the sleep they need, which keeps them healthier in the long run and ensures their brains are firing at full potential.

If your doctor has ever told you that you need to reduce the stress in your life, take care of your heart, do things that make you feel better, or get better sleep at night, then you are certainly not alone. The good news it that there’s one simple way that you can address all these all at once – by going on a ski trip. When you vacation regularly and pair it with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, science shows you will be healthier overall.

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