Why New Year's Resolutions Fail

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  • 01.07.2020
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Why New Year’s Fitness Resolutions Fail (And How Social Sports Can Help)

The cycle happens year after year. January brings countless resolutions to get fit, lose weight, start running, or eat better. February comes and goes. And by spring, most resolutions are a distant memory. Over 80% of New Year’s Resolutions are abandoned. Can’t figure out why you just can’t seem to stick to them? Social sports can likely help.

BSSC Day Ski Trips from Boston Snowborder shredding powder BSSC Day Ski Trips from Boston BODYARMOR on the bus BSSC Day Ski Trips from Boston Snowy mountains and bluebird dayGoals That Are Too Vague
Goal setting may sound simple but can often be the most difficult part of starting any type of journey. Getting fit or healthy is very broad and vague. Goals that are not specific and measurable are the most likely to be abandoned. With no clear image or idea of what you are working towards, giving up becomes a whole lot easier. Maybe your goal is to score a touchdown or play an entire soccer game without losing your breath. Maybe you want to score every game or win the championships with your team. Regardless of the sport or player, goals and achievements can be measured and adjusted as both you and the year progress.

Overly Ambitious Goals
Equally ineffective goals are the ones that you know you cannot reasonably attain, making it far less likely you’ll start or follow through. That’s not to say you shouldn’t shoot for the stars, so to speak. However, even the biggest goals should be broken down into attainable steps to move in the right direction. If your activity level is virtually zero, trying to work out 5 to 7 days per week, all year long, likely isn’t going to happen. Assess where you’re at now and think of reasonable and attainable goals, both for yourself and the timeframe. Building habits and seeing change takes time. Joining an adult sport league is a great way to get in some activity once a week and maintain that across the season.

Lack of Accountability
Change requires change. There’s no way around it. Personal change can be hard to recognize, implement, and celebrate alone. Not to mention that without someone to hold you accountable for sticking to your resolutions, it’s dangerously easy to quietly let them fade. Try to connect with someone who wants to support you and your goals entirely. Teammates can be incredibly helpful here, because they have a common interest in the success of the team. You might even meet a new workout partner or running buddy.

Financial Considerations
Gyms often lure you in with special deals, only to jack up your fees and make it an absolute hassle to cancel when you realize you haven’t gone in months. Contrary to popular belief, there are countless other ways to achieve your fitness goals without spending a fortune. Taking time to budget for your fitness expenses can save you a lot of stress (and money) later, as it is easy to overspend in the name of health. BSSC offers membership options and wicked good member rewards deals to save players money on everything from sports leagues and activities to gyms and athletic retailers.

Social sports can make achieving your fitness goals fun and increases the likelihood of sticking to resolutions that may otherwise end up abandoned. Try an adult sports league in Greater Boston to get fit this year with BSSC and thousands of other active Bostonians.

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