Why Volleyball Leagues Can Be Such a Rush

Here's why you'll love a volleyball league in Boston


  • 06.17.2018
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Why Volleyball Leagues Can Be Such a Rush

When you think of sports, you probably think of games like baseball, football, and perhaps even hockey. However, volleyball is quite popular in the Boston area, and for good reason. It can be played by absolutely anyone regardless of their age, height, or skill, and because you can play indoors or out, weather can’t stand in your way. Here are some of the reasons why adult Volleyball Leagues can be so very exciting.

BSSC Men's Volleyball Male Player in Blue T shirt Jersey Jump Spikes Volleyball Over Net Opponent Jump Block Volleyball BSSC Volleyball Coed Adult Volleyball League in Boston Male Player in Red Tee Shirt Jumps to Spike Volleyball Over Net BSSC Volleyball Coed Adult Volleyball Outdoor Tournament in Boston, MA Players in Blue Tee Shirt Jerseys From Behind While Front PLayer Jumps to Block Volleyball

Burn Calories and Stay in Shape
Per data gathered by participants over the course of several months, playing volleyball for 45 minutes can burn as many as 585 calories, making it a phenomenal workout. It’s a full-body workout, too; you will need to use your arms, legs, shoulders, abs, and core to maneuver around the court and deliver the ball to teammates and over the net. You can get in shape and stay in shape when you belong to a volleyball league, and you’ll even develop your hand-eye coordination, balance, and reflexes at the same time.

Teamwork and Camaraderie
Volleyball is very much a team sport; each player must rely on the others to defeat the opposition. In order to win, teammates must be in constant communication with one another. If you’ve ever played volleyball, then you understand the importance of calling out when you will get the ball, and you also know how much teamwork is involved with properly passing and setting the ball for an awesome spike. Over time, the more you can connect with your teammates, the better your communication and teamwork skills will become. These skills will serve you well not only in sports, but also throughout life.

Boost Your Adrenaline
Competitive sports of any kind can generate quite the adrenaline rush, especially when your team is being challenged and is working together like a well-oiled machine to defeat your opponent. This requires everyone to remain focused and on high alert, and as the ball continues to move back and forth over the net, the excitement only builds until someone scores a point. Things can get especially tense when teams are equally matched and when scores remain incredibly close throughout the entire game or set. For many league volleyball players, this is when it gets to be really fun.

Socialize with Others
Before and after volleyball games, teammates often get together to talk and to know each other better. In fact, the more a team knows each other individually, the more likely they are to succeed. When you join a volleyball league, you are joining a team with like-minded people who all enjoy the same sport. It’s a fantastic way to make some new friends outside of your job, and it’s even a good way to perhaps grow your professional network at the same time.

Volleyball is a very popular sport, and while it’s may seem more common on beaches and in high schools than among young professionals, it’s growing more and more popular with adults. Check out the Indoor and Outdoor Volleyball Leagues through BSSC and become a member today to get your exercise, make some new friends, and enjoy a tremendous adrenaline rush.

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