Why Young Bostonians Love Recreational Sports

Here's why young Bostonians love recreational adult sports with BSSC


  • 06.07.2018
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Why Young Bostonians Love Recreational Sports

Everyone needs a hobby, and everyone could use a few new friends, too. That’s exactly why so many young people in and around the Boston area turn to recreational sports of all kinds. They get their exercise, and they also get to do something they love while they meet new people. Here are some of the biggest reasons why young Bostonians participate in recreational and social sports.

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It's Good Exercise
In today’s day and age, very few jobs are physical. In fact, most of today’s most lucrative careers are quite sedentary and leave professionals in meetings, behind computers, or even traveling across the country for much of the workday. Though going to the gym is an option, repetition can get boring, and that’s especially true for those who may be new to the area and who don’t have “gym buddies” to keep them company. Recreational sports solve all of these problems. They give young professionals the perfect outlet to exercise, and their experiences are anything but repetitive.

Recreational Sports are Social Events
Though there is certainly some competition in the air when it comes to recreational sports leagues, the truth is that teammates often find themselves hanging out together after games and on weekends. These events provide an excellent opportunity to meet other people who are interested in the same things you are – namely sports. Because you already have something in common, breaking the ice is easy. Before you know it, you will have a host of new friends and perhaps even a few new professional contacts in your network.

It’s Mentally Rewarding
The stress of commuting to work, working all day, commuting home, taking care of the house, paying bills, and living the average adult life gets cumbersome over time, and if you don’t take time for yourself, you’ll quickly feel as if you are stuck in the world’s deepest rut. Recreational sports give you the opportunity to do something you love, something that's good for you, and something you’re good at. The best part is that your ability benefits your entire team, and there’s nothing quite like having your teammates pat you on the back for a job well done.

You Can Learn Something New
It’s a common misconception that people entering recreational sports must be inherently good at the sport they choose. In fact, many people in recreational leagues never played any sports at all until adulthood. If you are interested in becoming active or learning all the nuances of a new sport, there’s nothing like recreational leagues to do that for you. You can choose from a variety of popular games, including not only the classic football and baseball, but even things like kickball and dodgeball – whatever you prefer. Learning how to play a new game is exciting, and it’s always good to branch out.

Young people all over Boston play in adult recreational sports leagues for many of these reasons. They either need to get some exercise, feel rewarded at the end of a challenging week, or simply meet some new people. Of course, there are plenty of others who become active in recreational leagues because they simply love sports – and that’s a great reason, too.

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