Why You Should Play Women's Field Hockey

Join a women’s field hockey league in Boston and find out why over 140 teams play with BSSC


  • 05.28.2018
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With Over 140 Teams Playing Women's Field Hockey, Here’s Why You Should

Women’s Field Hockey is one of the most popular team sports in the United States. It can be played indoors or out, and unlike ice hockey, it does not require you to learn how to balance and move on the ice. There are many benefits associated with field hockey, so if you are in Greater Boston and you are considering joining a local field hockey league, consider the following.

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BSSC Field Hockey Adult Women's Field Hock league in Boston, MA Woman in Red Tee Shirt Jersey Runs with Ball BSSC Field Hockey Women's Field Hockey League in Boston, MA Two Female Players in Pink and Yellow Run with Ball BSSC Women's Field Hockey Adult Field Hockey League in Greater Boston Team of Women in Neon Jerseys Smile for Championship Photo While Holding Teammate Sideways

Plenty of Players and Teams
Since there are more than 140 teams playing with BSSC in Greater Boston alone, there is always plenty of competition. Field hockey is especially popular among young professional women, and games take place each week at indoor and outdoor venues on Olympic-class artificial turf fields.  Because so many local people participate, there is a very good chance that you will make some connections along the way, too.

Just Bring Yourself or a Team
Another benefit associated with signing up for field hockey is the ability to bring your friends, colleagues, or just yourself. Leagues provide plenty of options, so if you are interested in making new friends or professional contacts, sign up as an individual and be placed on a team. If you already have a group of friends interested in playing alongside you, or if you want to start a fun activity for women you work with, sign up as a full or partial team, instead.

Get in Some Healthy Social Time
Young professionals work hard, but they often work behind desks. This means that they must exercise on their own time. If you are interested in getting (or staying) in shape, but the idea of going to the gym or out for a run just doesn’t appeal to you, then local social sports like field hockey are an amazing alternative. They add layers of teamwork and competition that you just can’t get from walking on a treadmill and lifting weights by yourself.

Access to Other Events
When you sign up to participate in social sports through a large organization, you will have access to far more than just that sport. In fact, Boston Ski + Sports Club offers amazing getaways, ski trips, vacations, and social events centered on entertaining its members and participants. You might play your field hockey game on Thursday night, then head to a pub crawl the following Saturday, or take a day trip to a ski resort on Sunday. The possibilities are truly endless.

Develop a Hobby Outside of Work
Finally, one of the biggest benefits associated with participating in field hockey or any other social sport is the ability to develop and hone a hobby that does not involve work. While you can certainly meet others who can help you build your professional network, at the end of the day, it’s all about the game. When you let go of the stress of the workweek and meet up with others who share your love of sports, you’ll feel more relaxed.

Field hockey is one of the fasting growing sports in Greater Boston, especially among women who enjoy its fast-paced and competitive nature. If you are interested in reaping the benefits listed here, sign up for a field hockey league through Boston Ski + Sports Club and find out why it continues to grow more popular each year.

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