Play in tournaments with other BSSC players on both XBox and PS4


  • Do I have to be a BSSC member to participate?

    No, you don’t have to be a member to participate, but you will save $25 on each session of a sports league, $5-$30 on ski/snowboard trips & adventure travel, and $5-$10 on parties & special events. 

  • Do I need to bring my own equipment for sports leagues?

    BSSC provides game balls and basics to play each sport (bases, hoops, nets, cones, and more).  Softball bats, sticks (hockey and lacrosse) and appropriate protective gear (shin guards, mouth guards, eye goggles, and goalie gear) are each player’s responsibility. Check your sport rules for more specifics.

  • What if the weather is bad – When will you cancel my game?

    You should always be ready to play!  Cancellations depend upon the playability of a field, the risk of lightning, and/or an edict of the permitting authority – not whether it is raining or snowing. We use a lot of turf or synthetic grass fields, so games are rarely cancelled. In general, Softball & Kickball games are not cancelled until fields become “unplayable”.  In winter, snow may dictate cancellations due to school closings, un-plowed parking lots, or if overall conditions become problematic.

    Because conditions & weather can change quickly in New England, we make updates as necessary (24/7).  We suggest you check before heading out to your league.  Cancellations are posted in the following manner:
        Phone: 617.789.4070, ext. 300
        Twitter: @BSSC

“This is a great organization….I've played in BSSC's flag football, softball, indoor soccer leagues and look forward to trying a few other sports. I have not been on a trip yet, but they always have tons of them. They also have tons of bar nights and events."
- James, BSSC Member join bssc today

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