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Bigelow Middle School - Burr Playground

Grass field.
Best access is via Waverley Avenue & Arlington Streets.

Softball field is behind the school.


142 Park Street
Newton MA 02458
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Thursday Brighton Coed 6v6 Flag Football

Daly Field

Synthetic grass
Brand new regulation field hockey field!
Home to Simmon's College field hockey!

10 Nonantum Road
Brighton MA 02135
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Sunday Brighton Coed 6v6 Flag Football
Thursday Brighton Coed 6v6 Flag Football

Harvard University - Cumnock Fields

Only water is allowed on these fields.
No gum, sports drinks or food allowed on fields.
Metal cleats are not allowed.
Turf shoes or sneakers are recommended (rubber cleats are ok for Cumnock)
Please pick up your trash...tape, water bottles, everything!

95 North Harvard Street
Allston MA 02134
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Thursday Brighton Coed 6v6 Flag Football

Hormel Stadium

Synthetic turf field.
Cleats are allowed.
Restrooms in facility under bleachers.
Please follow the rules of the facility & obey the facility staff on duty.

Only players are allowed on the track or field.  Spectators are not allowed on the track or the field.

Water is the only beverage allowed.

No food or gum allowed on the track or turf.

Cleats are not allowed on the track surface surrounding field.  When entering and exiting the track and field please use tarp/mats only.

No one is allowed to hop fences to gain entrance to the stadium.

Teams must keep concourse open and clear for public safety at all times.

No ball playing on the concourse or locker rooms.

Teams must maintain cleanliness in locker rooms and bench areas. Carry in Carry out.

Each player can bring 1 bag onto field.

First game of the night bring goals on field, last game of the night take goals off field.

Absolutely no smoking or alcoholic beverages allowed in the stadium.

Teams are not allowed to warm up before their games on the grass or on the track.

90 Locust Street
Medford MA 02155
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Thursday Medford Men's 5v5 Flag Football
Tuesday Medford Coed 6v6 Flag Football
Wednesday Medford Men's 5v5 Flag Football

Rogers Park

Used for Softball, Kickball, 6v6 soccer & Football

 Softball field is adjacent to Lake Street.
    Baseball field is adjacent to Rogers Park Ave.


Parking Tips:

    There is a small parking lot behind Starbucks (off of Washington Street) with 10-15 spots.
    Street parking available on Lake Street and Rogers Park Ave (be sure to read parking regulation signs before leaving your car).

30 Rogers Park Avenue
Brighton MA 02135
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Sunday Brighton Coed 6v6 Flag Football

Victory Field

2 fields at this location:
        Stadium = Synthetic grass soccer field (2 top pictures).
        Oval = Natural grass fields (bottom picture).
Restrooms on-site.

Only water is allowed at Stadium's synthetic field.
No gum, sports drinks, or food allowed.
No dogs allowed at any fields.

Parking Tips:

    you MUST Park at Department of Public Works lot at 124 Orchard Street
    To access the field, walk down Orchard Street along field's fence then turn right and enter field through first gate,

40 Orchard Street
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Thursday Brighton Coed 6v6 Flag Football

Winsor School Athletic Fields

All participants must enter through the door closest to the Masco Parking Garage (see map). Do not enter the field using the door near the port-a-potties.

    Doors are not to be propped open.
    Ring the buzzer to the right of the door to get buzzed in.

Synthetic grass turf.
No gum, sports drinks, or food allowed on the field.  Only water is allowed.
No smoking or dogs allowed.
Please pick up your trash...tape, water bottles, everything.  The fields must be spotless at the end of the night!
Port-a-potties on-site.
No entering the Lubin O'Donnell Athletic Center.
Bicycles are not allowed inside field area.  There is a bike rack available near the entrance to the parking lot (along sidewalk closest to fence).
Cleats, turf shoes & sneakers allowed. NO METAL SPIKES!
No warming up on the grass courtyard (they just re-seeded this area) nor Field 1.

375 Longwood Ave
Boston MA 02215
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Tuesday Fenway Men's 5v5 Flag Football

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