General | May 22, 2024

4 Fun Kickball Games to Try as a Group

If you and your kickball teammates are looking for some variations on the classic kickball game to try for fun or for practice, there are many from which to choose. Some are simple, and others are a bit more complex. But, no matter which one you choose, you’re sure to have a good time.

 #1 – Crazy Kickball
Instead of kicking the ball first and then running to a base, this variation has you running all over. You’ll go from home plate to first base, then third base, then back to second base, and then all the way across from second base back to home. Rather than three outs, each team gets six, and each taken pitch is counted as an out. And the best part is that you can have five players on one base at a time. Otherwise, just follow the traditional kickball rules and have fun.

#2 – Workout Kickball
If you’re looking for some extra fitness in your game, Workout Kickball is an excellent choice. The rules are the same as traditional kickball, but there’s one caveat – each player must perform an exercise once he or she reaches each base. For example, if you kick a double, you may be required to run to first base and do 10 pushups, then run to second base and do 10 jumping jacks. The opponent manning the base must also perform the same tasks before he or she can tag out the runner, which makes for a high-stakes race.

#3 – Line Kickball
Line kickball is the perfect way to practice for regular games because there aren’t two equal teams at the start of the game. Rather, there is one pitcher and one catcher, and everyone else lines up to kick. After the first person kicks the ball, everyone starts running the bases single file, and no one player can pass another. They must tag each base but cannot stop at any. The pitcher must retrieve the ball and tag or throw out one of the people in line. This person then becomes an outfielder and can help get the ball back to the pitcher. Only the pitcher can tag runners out. Once the last runner reaches home, you start again with a new kicker at the front of the line.

#4 – Matball
Matball is another kickball variation that primarily sticks to the traditional rules, with one big change – the bases are large floor mats, about the size of a yoga mat. Players on the kicking team pair up; in other words, each kicker has a partner who must also run the bases. Individuals can stay on the mats as long as they want – and they can leave the mat to run whenever they like – but once a player steps off, they must run to the next mat with their partner. The defense needs to catch the ball AND tag the runner or hit the runner with a thrown ball in order to get an out.

These kickball games are all fun variations of the classic, and aside from giving you some fun ways to practice for your games, they are also designed to promote teamwork and help you get to know your teammates. Switch things up with these games the next time you meet with your team, or get some friends or family together to try them at home. Either way, you’re guaranteed to have a ton of fun.