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Discovering Tanzania and the Serengeti: Why You Should Embark on an African Safari with BSSC

For those seeking an adventure that transcends the everyday, Tanzania and the Serengeti offer an unparalleled safari experience that promises awe-inspiring wildlife encounters, stunning landscapes, and cultural immersion. Here’s why you should consider journeying from..

Celebrate Independence Day with Three Fun Backyard Sports Games

Celebrate Independence Day with Three Fun Backyard Sports Games The Fourth of July is a holiday associated with family gatherings, delicious food, and patriotic celebrations. If you’re planning to host a backyard party or barbecue..

Meeting People in Boston: 5 Reasons Why Social Sports Can Help

Boston is a vibrant city teeming with history, culture, and academic brilliance. However, despite its many attractions, meeting new people in Boston can be surprisingly challenging. The bustling city life, unpredictable weather, and the transient..


BSSC is thrilled to announce a special offer with Ikon Pass for the 2024/2025 season that you don’t want to miss! With every adult and young adult Ikon Pass order, you will receive a $100 BSSC..

Top 5 Sports that Are Perfect for Coed Athletes

When you hear the word “sports,” and you conjure up an image of a team out on a field or in an arena, there’s a good chance that your mind creates male players or “jocks.”..

Equipment for Kickball: What Do You Really Need?

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and join an adult kickball league, you will need to make sure you have some important equipment on hand before your first game. Below are some tips, tricks, and..

Flag Football vs. Traditional Football: Understanding the Differences in Rules

Most people have had the opportunity to watch a professional football game either in person or on television. This can give you a fair understanding of the rules of the game, which is an excellent..

4 Fun Kickball Games to Try as a Group

If you and your kickball teammates are looking for some variations on the classic kickball game to try for fun or for practice, there are many from which to choose. Some are simple, and others..