General | June 5, 2023

5 Ways to Workout with Cannabis

1. Stretch it out with edibles
Like stretching before a workout or game, cannabis can also help prep your body to get moving. Our go-to? THC-infused edibles.
Edibles can be a great way to make your brain and muscles more flexible. About 45 minutes to an hour before physical activity, eat an easily measurable edible such as gummies or mints. Make sure your edible is sativa-leaning – you want to feel lively, not laggy.
It can take a while to feel the effects of edibles, so go slowly and cautiously.

2. Warm-up with sativa strains
If the most challenging part is the pregame, cannabis can come in handy to help get you up and moving. Our warmup? Sativa strains (favorites like Jet Fuel or Blue Dream) to provide the push we need to take that first step onto the field or into the gym.
If you’re looking for some on-the-go options to pair with your heart rate, vaping a concentrate could be for you. Not only are vapes low-scent and low-key, but their potency means one puff could power your entire workout.

3. Push yourself with the help of CBD
CBD is a great way to help level up your game and get into the zone. Although it’s not psychoactive and won’t make you feel high, CBD carries powerful properties for pain management. This can come in handy when you don’t want muscle aches to get in the way.
Easing any discomfort can be as easy as staying hydrated with CBD-infused fluids (think of it as ganja-aid instead of Gatorade).

4. Cool down with a post-workout puff
Once you’ve hit your limit or your game’s over, it’s time to cool down. Cannabis can be a great way to wind down while welcoming those chill, post-workout vibes.
If you need energy and zest for a full day ahead, try a strain like Sharkbite or Chocolope. If you’re due to hit the showers and get some rest, you may do well with strains similar to Gelato or Skywalker OG.

5. Rest and restore with topicals
Did all that exercise make you sore? Yup, cannabis can come to the rescue with topicals for any-time pain relief.
Topicals may contain some THC, but they will not get you high, making them a great long-term solution for any lingering ailments. Lotions and shea butter are some of the most widely used to provide all-day relief to problem areas and muscles.