Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any group discounts for overnight weekend and vacation trips?

    Yes, we make it easy for you and a group of your friends to go with us and save. For more info, please contact randy@bssc.com.

  • Can I cancel a social event and get a refund?

    Policies vary, but most one-day or ticketed events are non-refundable.  If you can’t make it, you can send a friend in your place. There is no refund for unused services. Please check your confirmation for more specifics.

  • Can I cancel an overnight weekend or vacation and get a refund?

    Refunds are possible – policies vary depending on the type of trip and timing of your cancellation.  The closer you are to departure, the less likely we will be able to refund you 100%. Cancellations are subject to the regulations and cancellation fees set by BSSC, tour operators, and agents carrying out services. There is no refund for unused services. Please check specific policies for your trip. We also recommend that vacationers purchase travel insurance and can provide more info upon request.

  • Can I cancel and get a refund?

    Refunds are sometimes possible – BSSC policies vary depending on the type of activity and timing of your cancellation.  The closer you are to the start date, the less likely we will be able to refund you. There is no refund for unused services. Please check specific policies for your activity.

  • Can I drive myself and just get a lift ticket on a day ski trip?

    No, sorry you can’t. The resorts do not permit BSSC to give lift tickets to anyone who did not travel to the mountain on our bus.

  • Can I get my own air and book land only with BSSC?

    Yes, most BSSC ski vacations may be booked without air from Boston. Before you book any portion of your vacation, call us for a quote and to discuss your possible flight schedule. If our trip includes transfers, you will need to coordinate times to meet the BSSC group or be responsible for getting yourself to the resort.

  • Can I get my own ski pass or bring a non-skier guest?

    Yes, most BSSC trip may be booked without including a lift ticket. Call us for a quote or for more information on optional activities at the resort.

  • Can I get rentals or lessons with my day ski trip?

    Yes.  For rentals, you pre-pay on-line so you’ll be all set when you get to the mountain. If you forget to pre-purchase, let the trip leader know that morning and they will make sure you get a voucher to receive our group rate (varies by mountain).  

    For lessons, we recommend you contact the mountain directly to select the appropriate package.  If you choose a package that includes a lift ticket, simply register with BSSC as a “bus-only.”

  • Can I play a particular position on the team?

    Probably, but we don’t actually coordinate how things work within your team. Once you meet everyone at the first game, you can work it out amongst yourselves. Indie teams are friendly and welcoming.  Please let the BSSC sports manager know if you’d like to help out by being team captain, or can play goalie or pitcher!

  • Do I need a passport for all trips?

    Official travel requirements may change at any time. Therefore, please check for yourself when it comes time for you to travel.

    As of 2017, for travel anywhere outside of the United States, including Canada & Mexico, you will need a passport that is valid at least 6 months after your scheduled return. When traveling within the United States, a valid driver’s license with your photo on it is acceptable for US citizens.  Non-US citizens must check on their own for travel requirements.

  • Do I need to bring my own equipment for sports leagues?

    BSSC provides game balls and basics to play each sport (bases, hoops, nets, cones, and more).  Softball bats, sticks (hockey and lacrosse), appropriate protective gear (shin guards, mouth guards, eye goggles, and goalie gear) and basic first aid supplies (bandaids, sports tape, ice packs) are each player’s responsibility. Check your sport rules for more specifics.

  • For overnight weekend and vacation trips, how far in advance do I need to register?

    For weekend over-nighters and ski trips booking 3-4 weeks in advance is recommended.  For week-long vacations, book early to guarantee your spot and get the best rates. Ski vacations are usually announced in the summer at a $100-$150 savings.  Check each trip for specific deadlines and policies. The closer the travel date, the more complex and costly it might be to procure accommodations and/or airfare. 

  • For social events, can I just show up and pay there?

    We recommend that you register in advance. Many events sell out, some require a guest list at the door or have reserved seating (like Red Sox or Patriots games) – AND prices are often lower the earlier you register!  Some larger events allow for cash at the door, check the event on BSSC.com for specific details.

  • How can I play with friends? (What if I have a partial team?)

    Register as an individual player and put the name of your friend(s) in the “teammate request” field. Choose one main person from your group and have everyone put that name in “teammate request”.  As long as everyone registers at the same time, and we have space, we will honor your request.  If you have a partial team, please contact the sports manager in case you can combine with another partial team. 

  • How early do I need to sign up for activities?

    It depends on the activity – Some sell out within days of being posted, while others may be available on the day of the event.  Sports leagues have limited space for teams and individuals, and are dependent on getting the appropriate number of male/female players. Register as soon as you know you can play so you don’t miss out!  Day ski trips can fill up when it snows, but if it’s several days prior, we may add another bus – it’s always worth a call.  For weekend overnight trips we need 2-3 weeks lead-in to determine whether to pay for rooms or release them.  Any vacations, especially with airline tickets, have registration deadlines months in advance.  Check the website and book your travel by the dates indicated.

  • How far in advance do I need to register for a day ski trip?

    Most people sign up 3 days to a week prior, but you can check the website or call us for last minute space.  You should only register once you are sure you can go, since all day trips are non-refundable and not transferrable to another date.

  • How old are the people who attend social events and what is the male/female ratio?

    Each activity draws a slightly different crowd, but the majority of our party people are mid-twenties to forties.  The male/female ratio is often close to 50/50 or 60/40.  At BSSC it’s all about meeting like-minded people and having fun!

  • How old do I have to be?

    Lots of people join BSSC after college. You must be 21+ for most activities, but minors are permitted on our day ski & snowboard trips. Participants are mostly in their mid-twenties to forties, but many of our “veteran” players are still at it!  It’s more about doing what you enjoy and meeting like-minded people.

  • How will I know my teammates, game location and schedule?

    If you are part of a full team, the captain who registered the team will receive all the league info to forward to his/her teammates.  If you signed up as an individual, you’ll be emailed the time and place of your first game about a week prior to the start date.  When you arrive at the game, check in with the BSSC representative and they will give you a team shirt and point the way to your teammates.  After that, the schedule & standings will be posted on the specific league page on BSSC.com, and updated periodically.

  • I am not a great athlete – Can I still play?

    Yes, all skill levels are welcome!  If you are new to a sport (or rusty), we recommend you have some basic knowledge of the sport, unless it’s designated for beginners or includes instruction.  When you register, we ask you to rate yourself on a scale from 1 to 5 (1= beginner). This helps us keep the teams fairly equal and competitive. Some leagues have multiple divisions where the highest divisions consist of seasoned BSSC teams. We usually place teams of individuals or “indie teams” into lower divisions to give you a chance to play the game effectively as a team.

  • I played in school – Will I find BSSC leagues competitive?

    BSSC offers all levels of competition. For most sports, multiple levels are available within the same league.  Advanced to low intermediate divisions are often specified for popular leagues like Soccer, Softball, Football, and Volleyball.  Speak with the BSSC program manager about your sport for help finding the best match for your skills and experience.

  • What are the rooming arrangements for overnight weekend and vacation trips?

    BSSC traditionally offers “minimum occupancy”.  Whether in a hotel or condo, it is typically two per room,* and you each get your own bed. Nobody has to sleep on a pullout or rollaway. Select trips may also offer lower prices for triple and quad occupancy.

    *Single rooms may be available upon request for an additional fee.  If traveling solo, we will match you with a roommate of the same gender and approximate age, or you may request to room with a friend or significant other of any gender.




  • What are the sign-up deadlines for sports?

    All BSSC leagues and clinics are first-come/first-serve. Teams in existing leagues are given until one month prior to commit to returning to play the next session before we accept new teams. Some leagues sell out 5-6 weeks in advance, so we recommend that teams and individuals register as soon as you know you can play. On the other hand, there might be space as late as the league’s start date, so give us a call. 

  • What if I am traveling by myself?

    No problem!  Many of our travelers go solo…that’s why our trips work so well.  We match roommates so you do not have to pay a single room supplement and have an instant friend, or single rooms may be available on request for an additional fee.   

    BSSC trips are well-organized and staffed by friendly leaders who can arrange group meals and get-togethers.  If you want to meet new people and make new friends, group socializing is there for you, but if you prefer to do your own thing, that is totally fine too. 

  • What if I don’t have a team?

    BSSC specializes in putting individuals together for teams. We will place you on a team of players who have all signed up individually or find you an existing team. When you register you may be initially placed in “holding” status while we gather the appropriate number of male/female players to make up a team. Be sure to complete registration with payment. We won’t run your charge thru until you are on a team.

  • What if I don’t know anyone at a social event?

    That’s why we’re here!  Boston is a city in constant flux and BSSC makes it easy to get out, explore, and meet new people. Our events are well-organized and staffed by friendly people and attended by other young professionals just like you.

  • What if I have my own ski pass – can I just get a ride?

    On day trips we offer a “Bus Only” option for people who have a pass or aren’t planning to ski. The deduction varies season to season, but is usually about $35-$40 off the full package. On our ski weekends and vacations, all arrangements, including transportation and lift packages, vary trip to trip. Lift ticket deductions are usually available, please check your trip for specific details.

  • What if I'm travelling by myself?

    BSSC makes it easy and economical for the solo traveler.  Our lodging options are spelled out clearly for each trip giving you the choice of room that best fits your needs.

  • What if the weather is bad – When will you cancel my game?

    You should always be ready to play!  Cancellations depend upon the playability of a field, the risk of lightning, and/or an edict of the permitting authority – not whether it is raining or snowing. We use a lot of turf or synthetic grass fields, so games are rarely cancelled. In general, Softball & Kickball games are not cancelled until fields become “unplayable”.  In winter, snow may dictate cancellations due to school closings, un-plowed parking lots, or if overall conditions become problematic.

    Because conditions & weather can change quickly in New England, we make updates as necessary (24/7).  We suggest you check before heading out to your league.  Cancellations are posted in the following manner:
        Website: bssc.com
        Phone: 617.789.4070, ext. 300
        Twitter: @BSSC

  • What if the weather is bad – When will you cancel my trip?

    BSSC overnight trips are rarely cancelled. All arrangements have been made and paid for well in advance.

    For flights, if we have any information about changes in your travel arrangements, we will make every effort to give you as much notice as possible, but YOU are ultimately responsible for being aware of travel conditions, confirming with the airlines, and getting to your flight on time.

    For BSSC buses, because conditions & weather can change quickly in New England, we make updates as necessary, and if conditions look to be problematic, we suggest you check before heading out.  Cancellations are posted in the following manner:

        Website: bssc.com
        Phone: 617.789.4070, ext. 300
        Twitter: @BSSC

  • What kind of cleats can I wear?

    In general, most locations only allow rubber cleats.  Check your sport rules for more specifics.



  • What’s the age range and demographics of travelers?

    In general, BSSC trips are designed for adults, 21 or older.*  
    For overnight travel the ages range from twenties to fifties, with a mix of couples, groups of friends, and singles travelling solo.  Sometimes the more adventurous or strenuous the activity, the younger the crowd might skew.  With exotic or more costly arrangements, you are likely to find a few more “well-seasoned travelers” mixed in as they check off their bucket list!  BSSC trips are about us taking care of all the details, so you can just enjoy yourself, and perhaps experience something new, with like-minded people.

    *The participation of minors is considered on a case by case basis at the discretion of the Ski & Travel Director.  Minors are permitted on BSSC Day Ski & Snowboard trips.  Check the day ski trip policies for more details.

  • Where is the Kennebec located?

    The base camps are located in The Forks, Maine.  It is about a 4.5 hour drive from Boston.

  • Will there be people to ski with?

    From intermediate to advanced, chances are very good there will be many people that ski at your level.  The trip leader/s will arrange for those interested to ski together on the first morning to match up with same-level ability. Beginners may want to sign up for lessons.

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