General | June 5, 2023

BSSC Weekly Workout #1

We can’t wait to get back to playing our favorite sports again. To keep us in shape our friend & personal trainer Tiffany has worked hard on this strength and conditioning workout that will improve your lower body strength, endurance, and power! The first of a new weekly workout series, this basketball inspired workout is sure to get and keep you in shape from home. For this simple yet powerful circuit, repeat for 4 rounds, resting minimally between exercises and for 60 seconds between sets.

Start by standing in an athletic position, feet about shoulder width apart, slightly bending at the knee, arms bent in front on you. Step forward into a lunge, bending your back knee towards the ground while twisting your core in the direction of your front knee. Return to your athletic stance, alternating between sides. (60 seconds.)

Not only a killer leg workout, but these are going to get your heart rate up, turning your strength training into a HIIT combo you can knock out anywhere. Again, start in an athletic stance. Jump into your lunge from above, returning to a squat before alternating legs. One repetition is both leg lunges. (45 seconds)

Mark two points on the ground with any household object. Shuffle between the two points, squatting down to touch the object when you meet it. (60 seconds.) This move works on footwork and control that will show itself on the basketball courts, football field, and even your kickball league when we all come back to play.

Burpees strengthen leg muscles essential for the repeated jumping basketball games or volleyball matches require. Come all the way to the ground  and kick your feet out behind you. Pull your feet back towards your hands in a crouch, then explosively jump upwards while reaching with both arms. Land into a crouching position and kick back. And repeat. (45 seconds.)