General | May 29, 2023

BSSC Weekly Workout #12

Here is week #12 of the BSSC weekly workout series! It is a core and cardio set from our friend & personal trainer Tiffany! Improve your core strength, stability, and cardiovascular fitness with this fast and fun workout! . Complete these exercises as a circuit. Perform each exercise for 45 seconds followed by 15 seconds of rest before moving on to the next exercise. Rest for a full minute between rounds and complete 4 rounds total.

Begin in a high plank position with your arms directly below your shoulders and hips in line with your legs and torso. Walk your right arm and leg out to the right, followed by your left arm and leg. Repeat one more time before hopping into a bear crawl position, with your knees hovering slightly above the ground directly beneath your hips. Pause for one second before hopping back into your plank. Reverse your plank walk and repeat.

Begin with your legs hip width apart and arms above your head. Forcefully kick one leg out in front of you while bringing your arms down to your sides. Bring your arms back up as your foot returns to the ground and repeat on the other side.

Begin in a high plank with your arms directly below your shoulders and hips in line with your legs and torso. Your feet should be a little wider than hip width apart. Jump your feet in, back out, and bring one knee in towards your elbow. Repeat this pattern, alternating legs for the knee in.

Start with your legs hip width apart. Bring your right knee up to about hip height and hop on the standing leg. Land your right leg slightly to the right of your starting position and bring your left knee up to hip height, repeating the movement. Travel to the right for four steps before reversing your direction.