General | May 22, 2024

Equipment for Kickball: What Do You Really Need?

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and join an adult kickball league, you will need to make sure you have some important equipment on hand before your first game. Below are some tips, tricks, and guidelines to help you show up to your first game completely prepared and ready to take on your opponents.

A Kickball
It goes without saying that the most significant piece of equipment required to enjoy a game of kickball is the kickball itself. Though a ball will likely be provided for you at your games, it would be a smart choice to go out and purchase one of your own if you’d also like to play in your free time. An official kickball is inflated to 1.5 PSI and is 10 inches in diameter. Ensuring that your kickball is properly inflated and the right size will prevent injuries and give you just the right bounce!

Kickball Shoes or Cleats
It’s important that you wear the right shoes when playing kickball, and while traditional sneakers may seem adequate, there is a reason why kickball cleats are the better choice. Unfortunately, traditional sneakers can leave your feet bruised, sore, or swollen, and they don’t provide enough grip on the ground to allow you to play at your peak. Kickball cleats are supportive, they have non-slip soles, and they are made from materials that encourage circulation and allow your feet to breathe.

Sweatbands and Other Sweat Protection
Though some people may see sweatbands as unnecessary for enjoying a game of kickball, there are many others who have learned the hard way that this is untrue. When kickball games take place outdoors in the summer, it’s important to protect yourself with plenty of sunscreen. When you sweat, that sunscreen can sting your eyes and keep you from playing your best, which is why a sweatband around your forehead is a smart choice.  You can also consider arm and wristbands, which wick sweat away from your arms before it reaches your hands. There’s nothing worse than almost catching a ball only to have it slip through your fingers.

Comfortable Clothing
Your league will require your team to wear matching t-shirts, which makes it simpler for officials to tell teams apart from one another. They are generally made of cotton or a dri-fit material to keep you cool and comfortable while you play. You will also want to wear athletic shorts that allow you to utilize your body’s full range of motion. Clothing that constricts your limbs, traps heat, or simply makes you uncomfortable may ruin the fun.

While playing any sport, indoors or outdoors, hydration is crucial. Though there may be concessions available on-site, or you might even have a teammate who insists on bringing a cooler with cold drinks, it’s always a good idea to bring your own water bottle to leave on the sidelines. Most players recommend bottles between 32oz and 52oz in capacity, and if you choose a plastic bottle, make certain it is BPA-free. Ideally, you should choose an insulated bottle that will keep your drink chilled throughout the duration of the game, regardless of the temperature.

As you can see, you won’t need to invest in a tremendous amount of kickball gear, but you should make sure you’re investing in high-quality gear. Throw your kickball shoes, sweatbands, team shirt, and shorts, and water bottle into your gym bag, and you’ll be all set for your kickball game.