General | June 5, 2023

Going on a Social Ski Trip as a Beginner? Here’s What You Should Know

If you’ve never skied before in your life, going on a social trip can generate some pretty serious anxiety. Fortunately, there’s a good chance you won’t be the only beginner among the crowd, and even if you are, no one will hold it against you. Here are a few things you should know for your first-ever social day ski trip.

You’re Going to Fall Down
Learning to ski is a lot like learning how to roller skate. No matter how hard to you try, and no matter how steady you are on your feet without skis, you are going to fall. The worst part? It’s going to be difficult to get up, and that makes it a little embarrassing – especially when you see kids half your age skiing past you like pros. Though this may seem anything but fun, it doesn’t last forever, but it’s something every new skier must go through before getting steady on his or her feet. And it is absolutely worth it.

You Must Make Sure Your Boots Fit Properly
If there’s one complaint that all unhappy first-time skiers share, it’s that their feet are cold, numb, or sore. All three of these maladies are the direct result of improperly fitted ski boots. When trying on boots, it’s best to get a ski pro to help, but if you don’t have that luxury, the best way to find the right boot is to try several. Make sure you can wiggle your toes (if you can’t, they’ll turn to ice), but at the same time, make sure you can’t turn your entire foot from side to side. If you can, forget about controlling the skis. Try on some equipment the day before so you don’t feel rushed and you know what works best.

Dress for the Experience
When you’re getting dressed for your first ski attempt, there are a few tips to keep in mind:
• Wear ONE pair of ski socks. Multiple pairs of socks, or too-thick socks, will cut off your circulation and cause your toes to go numb. Just wear one pair of nice, warm socks. Wool is a great choice here.
• Don’t wear anything that stays wet. Again, you are going to fall, and you are going to fall often if you’re new. If you wear sweats or jeans, you will stay wet, and you will be very cold. Wear nylon at the very least, or even better, invest in a thick pair of ski pants and a ski jacket.
• Wear gloves. If you’ve ever had a snowball fight with your bare hands, then you understand why you should wear gloves. These should also be waterproof to protect your hands from being (and staying) wet. Cold wet hands and the wind on the hill or the lift are not a fun combo.

The most important thing to keep in mind as a first-timer on a social ski trip is that everyone has been where you are. Though some people have skied all their lives, there’s a good chance at least a few will be beginners, too. Just have a good time, laugh with others, and don’t be afraid to ask for advice if you need it. People will be more than happy to help you learn the ins and outs, and before you know it, you’ll be going on week-long ski vacations like an old pro.