Work For Bssc

League Coordinator

Players are often needed to be on-site coordinators for BSSC sports leagues, like Basketball, Kickball, Volleyball and more. Coordinators must be responsible, people-oriented individuals with some experience and knowledge of their sport. You will play for free and/or may collect a small stipend for equipment set-up and overseeing the league. Please check the website for more details on specific leagues, then email your interest and experience to Mark Robarts at


  • Act as onsite representative at BSSC sports leagues like basketball, kickball, volleyball and more.
  • Put out necessary equipment and manage the starting and ending of play
  • Assist customers with questions and refer issues to the BSSC Program Manager for follow-up.


  • General experience and knowledge of the sport
  • Friendly, helpful and people-oriented
  • Responsible, punctual, conscientious


  • Play in the league for free
  • Possible stipend for additional equipment setup