General | May 29, 2023

Keep it Outside: Postgame Tailgate Essentials

If this has you intrigued and thinking about adding some extra time outdoors, REI has the right products to keep you comfortable and kickstart your parking lot post-game routine.

Here are six of our favorite products we recommend for your next tailgate, compliments of your local New England co-op.

  • Set the tone with a JBL Speaker, and current mix on the REI playlist: Nirvana, Earth Wind and Fire, and Talking Heads.
  • Set up your seating arrangement with REI Co-op Flexlite Chairs. They’re light, set up & break down in seconds, and will fit in your bag.
  • Pop open your Yeti Cooler to grab a cold drink. Or, fill up a Hydro Flask Wide-Mouth Vacuum Water Bottle ahead of time and it’ll be cold for you when you’re ready.
  • If there’s still some crispness in the air and you need to stay warm, consider a Solo Stove Ranger Fire Pit. Ideal for small spaces, it and sets up and starts quickly for a no-trace fire in more places than just the backyard.
  • In case the sun’s going down more quickly than you hoped, pack a rechargeable Goal Zero Lighthouse Lantern, a great compact option for lighting.