Why to Join an Adult Softball League

Thinking of joining a softball league? Here are 5 reasons why you should


  • 04.27.2019
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5 Excellent Reasons to Join an Adult Softball League This Year

If you’ve heard about Boston Ski and Sports Club’s (BSSC) awesome outdoor softball leagues for adults but you need a good reason to sign up, the five reasons below are sure to convince you. Between meeting new people, furthering your ability to play, and keeping yourself in shape while enjoying the amazing springtime weather, adult softball leagues have plenty to offer.

BSSC Softball Blonde female player in hot pink jerseystands on the mound, holds the softball together in her glove and laughs at teammate BSSC Outdoor Softball Player in sunglasses takes his stance to bat BSSC Coed Outdoor Softball PLayer in green jersey swings at approaching ball

#1 – Rediscover Your Love for Sports
Whether you were a high school pitcher or you simply enjoyed playing some baseball or softball with the kids in the neighborhood, almost everyone can think back to a time when they absolutely loved participating in sports. Adult softball leagues offer you the opportunity to rediscover your passion. With the first game, that passion you once felt for working as a team will come back full force and you will never want to see the season end.

#2 – Hone Your Communication Skills
Communication (and teamwork in general) is crucial to your softball team’s success. Without talking to one another about strategies, and without calling out “I’ve got it!” when there’s a pop fly in left field, winning the game – or even competing – is difficult. By playing in an adult softball league this year, you can start to hone your communication and teamwork skills. This will serve you well not only in sports, but also in relationships and at work.

#3 – Get a Good Workout
Everyone needs to exercise to stay healthy, but going to the gym, jogging, or even going to yoga classes can start to feel mundane over time. With an adult softball league, every single game offers something different. There are new opponents with different skills and new ways for you to challenge yourself. No two workouts will ever be the same again, and rather than count reps or miles, you can count innings and even your score.

#4 – Learn Something New
While it’s true that people who have played softball or baseball in the past will have a slight advantage over those who have not, softball is an easy game to learn but a difficult one to master. Even if you have never played softball a day in your life, you can join a league and team that best suits your skill level and commit to learning something new this year. Once you start playing on an adult softball team, you aren’t likely to want to stop.

#5 – Meet New People
Some of the BSSC members who participate in softball leagues are Boston-area natives, but others relocated for school, work, or both. Many of these members are young professionals working in some of today’s hottest industries, and that presents an awesome opportunity to meet new people, form outstanding friendships, and perhaps even do some professional and social networking that can change your life for the better.  
If you are interested in joining a softball league this year, the information above provides you with some great reasons to jump right in. It’s more than just a sport; it’s a hobby and a passion, and it can benefit you in more ways than you might have imagined.  Check for more details at BSSC.com or give them a call if you’d like help choosing a league that matches your interest and skills, 617-789-4070.

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