Healthy Recipes for Your Fourth of July BBQ

Enjoy your holiday with some amazing healthy recipes to bring to the BBQ


  • 06.22.2020
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5 Healthy Recipes to Bring to Your Fourth of July BBQ

BSSC Coed Soccer League in Boston MA Players Fight for Ball Posession BSSC Adult Coed Soccer League in Boston Player Runs with Ball Dribbles it Near Ref BSSC Coed Outdoor Soccer League in Boston MA Players SPICED CORN ON THE COB
Bring the heat with this spicy take on a BBQ classic. This spiced corn recipe is as delicious as it is simple and is sure to be a hit among everyone. Side dishes are quick and easy ways to ensure you don't show up empty-handed regardless of how much prep time you had.

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Watermelon Salad is another classic side dish for summer. The fresh, sweet watermelon compliments the mint, while the savory prosciutto and nuts round out the salad. Beat the heat with this fresh take on a salad that is anything but boring. 

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This beautiful dish pairs a natural sweetness with a healthy richness without too much fat. Coleslaw can feel heavy, especially on a hot summer day, so this light and sweet take is perfect for BBQ's and socially responsible get-togethers. We didn't know what celeriac was either. It is a part of the celery family with a large root, so it is commonly called celery root. 

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There are endless variations of potato salad. This Greek dill dressing is a game-changer. When the heavy meat and carbs are too much, this light and refreshing version of a summer favorite is delightful. Fresh dill can even be substituted for other favorite herbs to play with the recipe and make your own take.

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Sure to be enjoyed but meat and veggie lovers alike, these veggie burgers are healthier than their processed grocery store counterparts, and the taste reflects it. Black beans provide some plant protein while keeping you full and hidden veggies amp up your vitamin intake for the day.

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Did you give any of these great BBQ recipes a try? We want to see! Share your pictures with your friends and teammates online. Don’t forget to hashtag #BSSC and we'll see you there!

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