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  • 05.11.2018
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Meeting People in Boston Can Be Challenging – 5 Reasons Social Sports Can Help

Whether you’ve recently moved to Boston to pursue the career of your choice or you’re a lifelong resident busy with work and other obligations, meeting people can sometimes feel like a challenge. After all, if you don’t really know anyone in the area, or your friends are all busy with other pursuits, it can be difficult to make plans, and no one likes going out alone. Fortunately, by choosing to participate in social sports, you can form lifelong friendships.

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#1 – Everyone’s There for the Same Reason
One of the biggest fears many people face when it comes to meeting new people involves finding people who share similar interests with them. Sure, you could go into a neighborhood pub and strike up a conversation, but if you don’t have much in common with someone, it can be frustrating to find common ground. When you choose social sports, it’s evident that everyone is there for the same reason – to enjoy and participate in one of their favorite sports.

#2 – Many Players have the Same Busy Lives
Trying to maintain friendships with people can be difficult, especially if you lead a busy professional life. When you sign up for social sports leagues, though, you can rest assured that there are plenty of others in the same situation. Most of the players are young professionals who are simply looking for a way to exercise, blow off some steam, and meet new people – just like you. As your relationships develop, they are more likely to understand your busy life because they live one, too.

#3 – You Meet Local People
While it’s true that you can hop online and chat with people from almost anywhere in the world based on common interests, it can be wearisome to discover that the people you seem to click with don’t live anywhere near you. This can make it hard to plan meetups and events. When you choose social sports instead, the people you play with – and against – live locally. If you choose to meet up outside of games, no one has to make extensive travel plans.

#4 – Sports Require Teamwork and Communication
For many people, the act of introducing themselves, making small talk, and ultimately striking up a meaningful conversation is nerve-wracking. Social sports can help remove some of that fear because team sports require communication by their very nature. You can learn a lot about others – and others can learn about you – as you work together to reach common goals.

#5 – After-Game Get-Togethers
One of the best things about social sports is that you play on the same team throughout the season, and over time, you will naturally get to know each other. Many teams will plan get-togethers after games each week to talk about their performances, discuss strengths and weaknesses, celebrate wins, or even just go hang out as friends at a local pub or restaurant. You can improve your team’s cohesiveness and explore new parts of Greater Boston at the same time.

Social sports make it easier to meet people in Boston in many ways. When everyone shares at least one common interest, and everyone lives nearby, it takes some of the stress out of introductions and small talk. What’s more, because it’s a sport and you’re working as a team, communication is important. Because of this, many participants form friendships naturally, and many of those relationships last a lifetime.

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