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  • 07.11.2023
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Outdoor Sports Leagues for Teams & Individuals

Outdoor season is here!  Play outdoors with BSSC from late March into early December! Have fun competing on some of the best fields in and around Greater Boston. Leagues are well organized and competitive, and it's easy to get involved. Enter a full team, with a few friends, or register on your own and be placed on a team.  If a league start date has passed, click on the link to see if there is still room for teams or individuals.  The next session for those leagues will start in 7-10 weeks.  Once those leagues are open for registration a new start date will be listed.

- Monday Boston Women's 7v7 - starts Sept 18
- Thursday Medford Women's 7v7 - starts Sept 14, still room for individuals, sign up now & start 9/14 or 9/21

- Wednesday Watertown Coed 5v5 - starts Oct 18

- Tuesday Winchester Men's 6v6 - starts Sept 19

- Thursday Cambridge Coed 10v10 - starts Sept 21

- Tuesday Women's 8v8 - starts Sept 19

- Wednesday Somerville Men's 11v11 - starts Sept 27
- Thursday Somerville Coed 11v11 - starts Sept 28
- Saturday Men's 11v11 - starts Sept 23
- Sunday Coed 11v11 - starts Sept 24

- Tue/Thu Greater Boston Coed - starts Sept 19, still room for Teams, must sign up by 9/13
- Tue Brighton Coed - starts Sept 19
- Friday Men's - starts Sept 22
- Mon/Wed Greater Boston Coed - starts Sept 20
- Tue Medford Coed - starts Sept 26
- Thu Cambridge Coed - starts Sept 21

- Wednesday Newton Coed -  starts Sept 13

- Weekend Grass Tournaments - RCO 2's & 4's, Men's 2's - Sept 17 in Somerville

CAPTAINS OF TEAMS - Sign up early to SAVE $50 to $100.  A $200 deposit will reserve your team space, and you control your roster.  Not enough for a full team?  Sign up as an individual, and we'll put everyone on a team together (see below) and supplement you with other players.

INDIVIDUALS - Sign up early to be placed on a team.  Players sign up by themselves, and we match you up with others to make a full team.  If you have friends that are signing up as well, simply fill in the 'Teammate Request,' and we'll get you all on the same team.  Most leagues are listed as Holding Payment, which means that once you complete your registration with payment, you'll be wait-listed while we gather enough players.  No worries, we match up teams all the time!

For more info click on sports above or call BSSC at 617.789.4070, hit 4.
Don't see your favorite sport? To view all sports click here.

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