General – Weather Cancellation Policy

There are 3 ways to see if activities are canceled. We will always make an effort to give you a few hours notice, but that may not always be possible, so it is the participant’s responsibility to check these 3 sources.

BSSC Weather Cancellation Line: 617-789-4070 ext 700
Twitter @bssc

For outdoor activities, cancellations depend upon the playability of a field, not whether it is raining. Decisions are usually made after 4pm on weekdays and 2-3 hours in advance on weekends. Because conditions & weather can change, updates are made as necessary, and we suggest you check before heading out to your activity. Games scheduled for synthetic grass fields are usually never cancelled unless there is thunder & lightning. In case of lightning near a field, games will be stopped immediately and then resumed when safe…this may cause a delay in the schedule or require some or all games to be cancelled depending on the duration of lightning. Activities may also be cancelled per the directive of the field/venue owner if they feel damage may be done to the field by playing on it.

During the winter months, occasionally activities may be cancelled due to snow. Some sports leagues use school facilities which may be closed if school was cancelled. However, some schools allow us to play as long as the parking lot is cleared. Other facilities are always open, and we will only cancel if overall conditions are too problematic. We will usually not cancel in advance based on a forecast of snow, but wait until actual accumulation. Similarly, if it is snowing in the morning or early afternoon, but is due to stop, we will wait until 4 or 5pm to see if we can play.