Sports – About League Schedules

We build each session’s schedule by hand with careful consideration to producing a balanced and fair schedule for every team in the league. We do our best to accommodate special requests, but cannot guarantee that they will be met. The schedules for the session are communicated to teams as follows:

First Game Times. First game times are usually emailed and posted online 5-7 days prior to the start of the season.

Full schedule. The full season schedule is published 1-2 business days after the first games of the season.

Playoffs. Playoff schedules are usually posted a few days after the regular season has ended. Note that the eligibility for playoffs varies by league and session. Sometimes, all teams are eligible for playoff games, but in some cases they are not. Once the final standings have been updated, a schedule for playoff matches will be published.

While we do our best to adhere to published schedules, please be aware that schedules are subject to change due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances at fields and facilities. Cancelled games may cause the season to extend beyond the initially posted end date and/or change playoff dates. We strongly recommend that you build flexibility into your rosters to accommodate possible changes.