Sports – Explanation of Volleyball Levels

REC (Recreational)
This is backyard, family reunion, picnic type of volleyball where the players are just hitting it back and forth over the net any way they can. They are not concerned with proper form or using 3 hits etc. BSSC does not have a league for this level because there has not been enough interest.

AB/LI (Advanced Beginner/Low Intermediate)
At this level, players know that they are supposed to use the 3 hits allowed (pass, set & hit) each rally, but because of their skill level, they are unable to do it on a consistent basis. If there is a tough serve, they may just pass it over the net. If the setter gets a bad pass, they may bump set the ball or send it over the net. If a set isn’t perfect, hitters might tip or bump it over. Most teams are rotating and simply having whoever is in the middle front do the setting. There will be some teams toward the low intermediate level that will run a 4-2 or possibly a 6-2 offense where they use designated setters, and that setter is switching to a position on the court and always taking the second contact to set the hitters.

LI (Low Intermediate)
Teams are definitely setting each rally up with a pass, set & hit. They are more consistent at doing this than the teams in AB/LI. They are likely running an offense with a designated setter like a 5-1 or 6-2 or 4-2, and they are starting to play specific positions on the court for offense (i.e. outside (left side) hitter, middle hitter, right side hitter).

INT (Intermediate)
Teams are doing everything on a more consistent basis. Players play specific positions on BOTH offense and defense – middle, left side, right side, middle back defense etc. Teams will run plays with specific sets for each position…1’s, 2’s for the middles, 4’s & 5’s for the outsides, and maybe some back row sets.

INT/ADV (Intermediate/Advanced)
Teams are doing everything right and are working on doing specific things for their positions on the court. Hitters can hit a variety of sets. There may be some jump serving and double blocking.

ADV (Advanced)
Teams are doing everything right and as advanced as you can get. There are back row attacks, jump serves, running stacks or X’s, slides, shoots etc., and double blocking.