Sports – Info for 11v11 Soccer Individuals

How it works
Because we have such a large number of players, it is usually very easy to place you on a team with other individual players. Click the “Individual Registration” button, complete the form and submit with payment. These leagues are often in a “holding payment/waitlist” status while we are still gathering enough players to form a team. Your registration holds a spot, but your credit card will not be processed until the necessary minimums are met. In the cases where there are not enough players to form an “Indie” team, we will do our best to connect you with an existing team.

Playing with friends
It is easy to place you & friend or small groups of friends together on the same team, especially the earlier you register. When registering online, all teammates simply need to put the name of your friend or group organizer in the “teammate request” field. Or one person can register & pay for multiple people all at once.

Joining an existing team
Set up an account or membership with BSSC, and provide the captain of your team with the email address for your account. The captain is responsible for the team roster and payment, so s/he will add you to the roster and work out your share of the team fee directly with you.

Steps after Registration
Upon registration, you will receive a receipt by email.

If you have been accepted onto a team, about one week prior to the league start, you will receive an email from the program manager which includes your teammates and details for your first game.

On the first game day, check in with a BSSC representative at the field to get your T-shirt and find your team.

Within the week before the second night of play, you’ll receive the full schedule for the season.

Note that the Sports Program Manager may communicate by email from time to time with the captains and/or players of the league. Also, at any time, players may refer to the “League Info” tab of the league for important rules and policies.