Sports – Info for Individuals

How it works
Because we have such a large number of players, it is usually very easy to place you on a team with other individual players. Click the “Register” button, choose “Free Agent,” complete the form, and submit with payment. In the cases where there are not enough players to form an “Indy” team, we will do our best to connect you with an existing team.

Playing with friends
It is easy to place you & friend or small groups of friends together on the same team, especially the earlier you register. When registering online, all teammates simply need to put the name of your friend or group organizer in the “teammate request” field.

Joining an existing team
Your team captain will do the heavy lifting and handle registration and payment. You’ll receive an email invitation to join each season you play. Upon receiving, click through and accept the policies and waiver and you’re on the team!  You’ll now have access to schedule and standings right from your dashboard.

Skill Level & Divisions
When enough teams sign up, our leagues are typically divided by skill level. Division 1, A, or Advanced is the highest level. These are typically very competitive, with ex-college players being the norm. The level decreases in order, with Division 3, D, or Recreational being our most relaxed levels of play.

Players who register as individuals will be placed together on a team, which will be placed in the lowest division of the league (if multiple divisions exist). Individual teams are made up of all levels of players. Upon registration, we ask that you rate yourself somewhere between a level 1 (beginner) and a level 5 (very good). If we make up more than one team of individuals, we use these ratings to balance out the level of each team. This allows an individual team to be more successful in their first season together as a team. It is very common for an “indy team” to stay together and play in the next session, sometimes moving up a level.

Steps after Registration
Upon registration, you will receive a receipt by email.

You will receive an email from the program manager one week before the league starts, which includes your teammates and details for your first game.

On the first game night, check in with a BSSC representative at the field to get your T-shirt and find your team. Make sure you download the Leagueapps Play app for your iPhone or Android device. This will allow you to easily find your schedule, chat with teammates each week, and see who’s going to the game with their RSVP function.

Within the week before the second night of play, you’ll receive the full schedule for the season.

Please note that the Sports Program Manager may occasionally communicate by email with the league’s captains and/or players.