Sports – Info for Teams


Early Registration Discount for Teams
Team fees increase in cost one month prior and two weeks prior to the start of the league, each time going up $50. Teams signing up more than a month in advance could save $100.

League Fees & Timing
• Deposit (usually $200) must be paid at the time of registration to hold a spot in the league.

• The balance remaining of the base team fee (i.e., base team fee less the $200 deposit) will be automatically charged to the card you used for the payment plan when the league starts unless you logged in to pay so ner. Teams that have not paid their team fee will not be included on the schedule and are subject to forfeiture of any monies paid per the sports refund policy.

• Referee fees for leagues that have paid officials are not included in the team fees collected by BSSC, unless specifically noted. Teams are responsible for paying the referees (preferably via Venmo) on the field prior to their  ame. These fees, due from each team for each game played, including playoffs, are b low. Some leagues do not have paid officials and are self-officiated (i.e. players do reff ng). These include dodgeball, volleyball, and ultimate fri bee. Details are included in the game rules of each league.

Basketball Coed – $50 (2 referees 1 scorekeeper)
Basketball Men’s – $50 (2 referees 1 scorekeeper)
Field Hockey – $25
Floor Hockey – $20
Football – $20
Kickball – $15
Lacrosse – $25
Soccer (5v5, 6v6, 7v7, 8v8) – $25
Soccer (11v11) 35 min halves- $60 (2 referees)
Soccer (11v11) 25 min halves- $50 (2 referees)
Softball – $25 for 1.25 hour time limit games/$20 for 1-hour time limit games

• Receipts will be emailed to you for all team payments made.

• Teammate’s portion of the league fees. An easy way to calculate what captains should collect from each of their players is provided in the following example:
Team fee+ ref fees (# games x $ref fee) / # players = per player price.
Example: $1290 + 150 = 1440/12= $120 per player.

Our leagues are typically divided by skill level when enough teams sign up. Division 1, A or Advanced, is the highest est. These are typically very competitive, with ex-college players being the form. The level decreases in order, with Division 3, D, or Recreational being our most relaxed levels of play. When registering online, team captains should complete the “Division Requested,” “Last Division Played,” and “Why you are registering for this division.” BSSC will make the final decision on the division assignment based on what is best for all teams in the league.

Rules, Policies, and Procedures
The Sports Program Managers may communicate by email from time to time with the captains and/or players of the league. Also, at any time, players may refer to the FAQ and policies section of the league page for important rules and policies. The team captain is responsible for knowing all league information and adhering to procedures, timelines, rules, and policies. Make sure you download the Leagueapps Play app for your iPhone or Android device. This will allow you to easily find your schedule, chat with teammates each week, and see who’s going to the game with their RSVP function.

Registration for Returning Teams – This is information for teams currently playing in the league for which you are registering.

Teams participating in a league with multiple sessions will have a spot reserved for them in the following session, which is good until one month before the next league start date. If the next session has limited space available, they may be sent a password that allows them to register and pay their deposit. Once that date passes, the league opens to new teams, and your “reserved” spot will be lost.

The entire team fee ($200 deposit due upon registration, balance due prior to the start date) is the responsibility of the cap ain. Payments from captains should be made via credit card (AMEX, Discover, Mastercard, or Visa).

We strongly recommend collecting from your teammates prior to the league start so that you have commitments and do not have to front all of the fees.

Registration for New Teams – This is information for teams not currently playing in the league for which you are registering.

If a league is open, a captain may register at any time by submitting an online registration and deposit. If a league is only open to returning teams (i.e., leagues that are recurring often are closed to new registrations until approximately one month prior to the next league start date to give current teams an opportunity to renew), a new captain should contact the program manager for more information.

If accepted into the league, the captain is responsible for the entire team fee ($200 deposit due upon registration, balance due prior to start date). Captains should pay via credit card (AMEX, Discover, Mastercard, or Visa).

We strongly recommend collecting from your teammates prior to the league start so that you have commitments and do not have to front all of the fees.

If the league reaches capacity, reach out to the Program manager for more details or other available opportunities.

Submitting Team Rosters
Rosters are required at  SSC. You’ll need the email addresses of your players to proceed.  Once you register and pay your deposit, your registration information can be found on your Dashboard (account page). Under the Role/Team section, you must click “Manage or add players.” Once there, under invite, you’ll click “invite players.”  Add each email address for your players as indicated, and they’ll be invited to join your roster.  This will allow for easy team communications and access to league standings.  Only players on your roster are eligible to play.  Disregarding this rule can lead to forfeit or league expulsion. Players must appear on your roster AND have appeared in regular season games to be eligible for playoff participation.

Roster Deadlines
Rosters must be completed prior to the first game of the season. You may make changes up to the final week of play, at which point the rosters freeze, and only rostered players may play in any playoff games. Failure to submit a complete roster may result in your team not being allowed to participate in playoffs and/or the team being removed from the league. All teams, including company/corporate teams, must provide a roster with valid player information.

Team Supplies
Due to the size of some leagues in softball and 11v11 soccer, teams are occasionally required to pick up their team supplies (jerseys, ball, roster, etc.) at the BSSC office at 135 Beaver St, suite 210, Waltham, MA; The program manager will email the team captains the available date and time of the pickup typically 2-7 days prior to league start.

Captains should check in with the BSSC representative on-site before their game on the first night of play if an office pickup is not noted.